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I originally depended on the light to tell me when things were in focus, but then I got a really sharp macro lens and practiced. Now I find that I can tell when what I want is in focus - all that practicing with the macro lens helped my focusing abilities with other lenses. If I have any doubts, I use the light and beep.

By the way, I wear contacts and bifocals. I keep the dioper adjusted for my distant vision (what the contact correct) and use the top portion of the bifocals when I'm wearing glasses. I actually wear a different set of bifocals when I wear the contacts with mid-distance on top and close-up on bottom, and I really should probably think about progressive lenses. However, I think I would have far more problem with focusing the camera.

I do find it harder to see the green information in the K100D viewfinder than with the DS - the letters/numbers are smaller (more information on the line) and a bit dimmer. On the other hand, the larger LCD screen makes more of a difference to me than I thought it would!

I haven't had any more trouble with seeing the LCD screen in bright sunlight than I had with the DS. I tend to either turn my back or shade the camera with my hand. If I'm outside I don't shoot with sunglasses on - that makes it worse to see the screen, or to figure out if the colors are really as exciting as they look through colored, polarized lenses.
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The last few days have given me some more info which I want to share.
K100D has a different screen from those of Ds and DL. It is slightly larger.

Good news that it can be taken out and put back as another forum member has said he did. Still no news as to how easy it can be done yet.

It will be a matter of time before a 3 rd party screen is available from Katzeye or the others.

After I have got a K100D , I will pull out the screen ( asssuming it is manageable like my DL), I can add a spacer for my split DL screen to fit K100D.

Should not be too difficult.


fogueira wrote:
We love the K100D viewfinder, but we are having major manual focus problems. We both wear glasses, but we've had to throw out tons of shots because we think things are in focus in the finder and they're not. I'm a spoiled brat and miss my old N*kkormat with its split image dot and groundglass. Does any third party make any kind of screen we can overlay on the viewfinder to help, or a magnifier?

We're practicing now before we buy the no-frills manual focus lenses.

Might the K1 come with special order focusing screens?

I've also noticed that I can rarely see any of the information in the viewfinder when I'm actually taking the pix outdoors and have to rely on the top LCD and luck. Nor can I see the playback screen in bright sunlight. It's all by guess and by golly other than what's on the LCD. Not that this is a big deal, but it was something I noticed.

Thanks in advance again,

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