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OK, I already posted something related on the buying cameras forum, but I figure not all of you might frequent that, and the question does indeed relate more particularly to pentax cameras. Basically, I am trying to move up to dslr, but am trying to do so while minimizing expenses. I also want my dslr to be relatively compact. From what I hear on these forums, it seems that Pentax has the best prices now.

My question is then very simple. Whatare the maindifferences between the two cameras, K100d and DL? Also, where can either of these be found at the lowest price, considering that I am living in Japan right now?

Thats all. Thanks for your time.

- Ballpointpenner
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The main differences are K100D has got Shake Reduction, better JPG, and most importantly faster AF. If your budget allows it, get the K100D.

Not too sure where in Japan, but I get my lenses from US (I am in Melbourne). For new stuff, I tend to get them from B&H (http://www.bhphotovideo.com) and for 2nd-handed stuff, I use KEH quite a lot (http://www.keh.com).

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K100D and DL - If weight is THE major issue, then go for the DL - the K100D is heavier. If anti-shake is one of the top issues, go for the larger and heavier K100D because it is the only one with SR. If price is THE major issue, then go for the DL - it is an older camera that has been out for a while and can be found with discounted prices. The K100D just came out, and everyone (so far) is having no problems selling them at list price. If SR (shake reduction) is not negotiable on your list of "haves" then wait for a while - I would suspect you'd see them discounted in a few months (though they do seem to be selling well right now).

The DL is a very nice camera (I have the DS and there aren't that many differences between the 2), and will give you excellent results. It is lighter, cheaper and does almost all of what the K100D can do - there are more differences than just the SR, and its possible those might be important to you. However, to me the biggist draw for the K100D is the SR. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably save the money on the camera body and buy the DL. Put the money saved into a good lens. Then upgrade to the K100D (or its follow-on camera) in a year or 2. And if I did that, I'd be lusting after SR and buy the K100D in 6 months (to be honest, that's exactly what I did, and while I loved the DS, the SR on the K100D helps just that much more, and I'm very pleased I bought it).

Sorry I can't help you with availability - I live in the US and have no clue about buying or importing things into Japan.
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I have a K100d due to arrive on Friday. SR was the primary reason I paid the extra for the K100, I actually showed up at this forum investigating the *ist DL. The DL definately is the cheapest Dslr on the US market right now but things could be very different in Japan. Having had SR in a previous point and shoot Panasonic UltraZoom it was a feature I was very interested in having again.

For what it is worth, I ordered my K100d through an ebay seller with two lenses for about $100 less than I could find at any other retailer.

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