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OK, I give up.

I'm an oldbie -- 30 years ago I had a N*k*n and I've graduated from an Optio and Canon A700 pointnshoot, but I can't understand why I'm fighting with the DA50-200's focus all the time. My eyes are terrible with manual focus, which skill is improving, but these were all with autofocus. I know that the DOF at 200-300 mm is almost nonexistent, but these were shot at 50 mm and ISO 400 in, as you can see, blazing TX drought sunlight.

I assume the tree's leaves are moving, but surely 1/750 second is enough to freeze motion?


Palm Tree, 1/750, f/11, no adjustments (for some reason I'm getting Java errors and am not able to link directly)


Traffic Hell, 1/500, f/9.5, levels and curves adjusted a bit

Here the traffic is barely moving. I've noticed that when I lock the focus, or attempt to do so, the focus sometimes doesn't lock, but continues to jump and hunt around. Would that be the explanation for the situation here? How can I prevent it from happening?

IS (or whatever Pentax calls it) was not on. The first set of photos with it on had even worse focusing problems.

I also find the color scheme on the K100 less than desirable. I started with Bright Normal and found them flat and just plain artificial. I bumped the saturation and contrast up one notch to the right and now they are super saturated but still artificial.

Thanks so much in advance,


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I have had nothing but a beautiful success with the K100D. Perhaps you have made a few too many adjustments. Why not return to the defaults and try again.

This was a photo taken yesterday that I really liked.

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Arrrh - I wrote a nice post with examples and so on, and when I hit "send" it all disappeared!

I'll second Sarah's suggestion to reset everything to default first. Then I would take it off of vivid and put it on natural mode - that's my preference (you may disagree, but I find vivid too much).

The second thing I would do is turn on the SR - I've been very happy with the results I get with it turned on. While I find my batteries don't last as long with it turned on, it is going to stay on all the time unless I have the camera on a tripod.

Then I'd turn SR off and either put the camera on a table or a tripod to eliminate any possible camera shake.

If these thingsdon't make a difference, I would try a different lens. While I've suddenly found out that the DA 50-200 lens doesn't have quite the richness of the kit lens (surprise, surprise), mine has been very sharp and not bad as far as color. You can see some comparison photos I took with both lenses and on both the K100D and the *istDS at: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=80.

If the different lens makes a difference, then it's time to talk to Pentax about a defective lens. If it doesn't, I'd go to Pentax or wherever you bought your camera and talk to them about a defective camera. I don't have any of these problems at all - as you can see from the pictures I took right after I got the K100D (topic http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=80).

Let us know how you do with your experiments.
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Focusing from inside the car behind glass is fraught with difficulty.

I've Post Processed your 2nd image and added a small amount of USM in PSCS2 which improves the overall sharpness.

On the first shot, I also don't find large amounts of greenery to ease to get looking right.

Could I suggest that you you try a static shot perhaps of a building, even your own domicile to see how it performs.

Try setting the focus to Select where the AF area is set manually to 1 of 11 focus points - press the OK button to centralise the focus position to the middle, set to Tv mode and choose a high shutter speed of 2 times 1/focal length to eliminate camera shakeor turn on the shake reduction feature.
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another thing is you might have a bad lens. it may be front or back focusing. if you bought it locally take it back and try another lens.

edit: what part of texas?? why not put it in your profile.
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Make sure your AF setting is on S and not C, otherwise it will be constantly checking and adjusting focus.
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