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When you say alcohol which kind - I know it's not the drinking kind so no remarks please??? Anything in particular brandI should look for?

Is it OK to clean lens glass from the outside using alcohol, with a q-tip or should we stick to liquids for lense cleaning.

Like Roy asked, anyone recommend any links to lense cleaning?

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your lens cleaning fluid is alcohol. i've read that acetone is good for the inside.

that amount of stuff inside the lens should not affect the image.
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Will cleaning the lens with alcohol affect any of the lens coatings?

I have an old Tamron M42screw mount80-250 f/3.8that I paid $40AUS for and it has some fungus/dust, shoots clean except at f/3.8 then it becomes very very soft, excellent for that hazy protrait look :G
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it will not harm them. the prob w/alcohol at the house is it's mainly a water mix.

here's a couple of links..

lot of reading material here. good luck..
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I used isoprophal alcohol for cleaning the lenses. I used Johny Walker Black Label in a small quantity to steady my hand before starting and the rest of the bottle when I failed on the second lens.
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:evilo not use Acetone to clean a lens... it will remove any coatings that have been applied and will soften some types of plastics:shock:Household rubbing alcohol contains about 10% water, denatured alcohol works best and remember most drug store cotton tip swabs( Q-Tips) contain a minute amout of oil for use on the skin. It will transfer to the surface you are attemping to clean.:roll::O
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