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So at the antique mall in Lawrence, KS, I found a new toy. The K1000 complete with a SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/2 lens all for only 50 dollars. I had been thinking about dabbling with mechanical just for giggles and my own experience but the problem with it is that the light meter is not functioning. I can only presume that the battery is dead or corroded or most likely both but I cannot get the cap off due to severe stripping of the nickel-notch. Do any of you have any tips on what I could use to remove it? It does appear to have two little holes pierced into it. Is there a flathead screwdriver with little prongs or something? They are very small, smaller then the standard pins that you find in your clothes while in the changing rooms.

Thanks much,
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The slot on the battery cover is circular, try using a coin, I use a 10p piece, its 1.5-2mm thick and about 25mm in diameter. its a perfect fit. You will need to check your coins. The two holes are vent holes I think, I wouldn't try using those, because the metal is not very thick. It looks like somebody has used a badly fitting screwdriver at some time.

Good luck.
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IF IT'S corroded together, you probably wasted your 50usd. just looked on my old KX and the holes are REALLy small.. if a coin doesn't do it then you'll have to walk it out i guess.. or you could drill the holes a little bigger, there's nothing under there but the battery. guess you could then use a couple of fork tines to twist it out(filed down to fit).. once you are in there your probs just started. you'll need to clean the corrosion out.. good luck and keep us posted.

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Maybe you could make another slot in it with a Dremel tool and then you would be able to use a screwdriver.
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Put the coin in and give it some gentle taps downards with a small hammer like you are nailing it in, and gently try to unscrew as you tap, it should come off.

Also get some Breakfree, WD40 or other unfreezing lube and spray it onto something (spare bit of paper) use a small screwdriver and dip it in the lube and transfer a couple of drops onto the seal of the battery cap and leave it over night to work its way in.

Good luck
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of course a K1000 will work without a battery (try that with your new fangled digital lol)
you just need to learn the exposure settings (ok one benefit of new cameras )
(or have a light meter, other camera)
start with the sunny 16 rule
set the shutter speed to the film speed
and f 16 on a sunny day

there must be exposure tables on the net somewhere
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