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I need help from people with some experience in travel photography.

As I said in the LBA thread, I have a problem: I'm indesicive.

Begin september I'm leaving on a 17 day trip to Turkey. We're going to do all kinds of stuff:

* 2 days in Istanbul, so most of my shots there will be of buildings/artwork.

* some time in the mystic cappadocia, with special houses carved in the rocks, probably outdoor shots, with twilight lighting.

* We'll be doing a mountain excursion to the summit at +3000 meters, so I'll need both tele and wide there.

* We end with a 3 day boat trip, along the southern coast.

Troughout the entire trip I want to be able to make nice portraits aswell.

I have a Lowepro topload holster bag, for the camera body + 1 lens. (and batteries and other junk)
So, I need a good lens to cover the entire trip.
Problem: I'm on a maximum budget of about 100$. 10$ less or more won't do it, but certainly not more than that. (so the Pentax equivalents are not an option)

I can get a pretty good deal on these:

Tamron AF 28-105mm f/4-5.6 IF
Listed at 285$, I can get it for 83$

Tamron AF 28-200mm f/3.8-5.6 XR Asph. IF (macro)
Listed at 514$, I can get it for 110$

I chose Tamron over Sigma, since I've heard less complaints about them. (+ they make Pentax branded lenses in their factory sometimes)

I'm really torn up here...here's a summary of the pros and cons I gathered form reviews: (I've put the differences in bold)


*28-105mm: compact, cheap, good sharpness, good color & contrast, practically no distortion at 50mm, faster autofocus.

*28-200mm: compact, good sharpness, good color & contrast, XR and aspherical glass (so abberiation & flare are minimal), larger zoom range, sturdier built.


*28-105mm: build quality isnt all that (The barrel can be moved for about a mm when extended), No aspherical element, reports about lens flare (even with hood attached), shorter zoom.

*28-200mm: Noticable distortion (as is common with this type of lens), more zoom -> more compromises, due to the amount of elements a little darker than fstop indicates

Any thoughts? Mine are going into the direction of the 28-200...but I'm worried about the distortion...

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Nevermind, I went for the 28-200mm after reading my own summaries and talking to the prodigital2000 customer service. (who were very friendly might I add)

You see I had to make sure the lens got here by september 1st to be able to take it on my trip.
The prodigital customer service (prodigital2000 is a ebay store) assured me this lens would arrive in 5 days, whereas the 28-105mm had to come from swiss, had to be payed trough bank transfer (no paypal) and would probably not have arrived in time, knowing my luck.

I will post my experiences with it after the trip

this is the one I got:


75$ with 35$ shipping for a lens thats listed as +500$ isn't too bad I think
And it's new, and they have a very correct and friendly customer service. (the man said he'd watch the auction so he could process my order right away)
Their free number is always busy though, so you have to call the direct one almost all the time. However, with a skype account and a microphone that isnt too expensive.

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Congratulations for your readiness for the 17 days trip and waiting for your post!
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