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What you described is unfortunately the norm worldwide. The only place that I have seen with full array of Pentax lens/accessories is only B&H. Even Adorama does not carry that many Pentax stuff. If I am correct, B&H is the world's largest with 2 counters for Pentax. I have lost count of Canon+ Nikon counters there.


Spiritbro77 wrote:
I won't mention the name, but the store I just bought my DL at has been dissapointing. It's a Camera store, they do nothing but sell camera equipment and make prints etc.

I made the initial purchase and all went reasonably well. But after a week or so I decided I needed some extras, so I head on down to ask about a cable release. Nope don't carry it and we'd have to special order it. Lenses?They had the 18-55 that came with the camera and a 50-200. Thats it. Flash? Nope they don't carry those either. So I have to order everything off the net for my Pentax. Now if I had bought a Nikon I could have went to a competing store and bought everything I needed. I find it hardsee why a camera store(a chain store to boot) would carry a particular brand camera(pentax)and not carryat the least a bare minimumof add ons.
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yes i agree. it's hit or miss when you ask advice from a sales clerk at a camera store. i had gone to ritz in fashion island, CA and i started asking him questions about the pentax k100d. he told me that he knew nothing about pentax cameras and that they hardly ever sell any of those cameras. he then goes on to tell me how all serious photographers use nikon. blah blah blah on and on about nikon. i then asked him about which lenses were good for macro photography and he starts telling me about micro photography and flash rings... he never answered my questions. it was obvious to me that he was trying to impress me with his technical knowledge. but again the problem was that he never answered my question.i was annoyed and have decided never to return to that particular store.

i then went to sammy's camera store in santa ana, CA and they were very open and honest. the sales clerk patiently answered my questions directly. i ended up buying from them and i will definitely return to them when shopping for more equipment.
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