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This thread has spooled up my interest in the K10D. However with that being said, I started doing some looking on the web for the K10D. This is what I have found… - nothing here is original from me – it is all cut & paste. Sorry about the formatting - it is what it is.....
  • K10D specification 2006 June 18th edition expectation price 120,000 Yen[/*]
  • effective picture prime 10,000,000 pixel size: 23.5×15.7mm [/*]
  • sensitivity AUTO, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 (standard output sensitivity)[/*]
  • the hand being off-center revision image pickup element shift system 2~3.5 step [/*]
  • recording type RAW (DNG), JPEG record medium SD or SDHC memory card [/*]
  • finder pentaprism finder, [/*]
  • natural bright mat focusing screen, [/*]
  • range of vision ratio 95%, magnification ratio 0.95× (50mmF1.4 XXINF), diop[/*]
  • ter adjustment mechanism attaching (- 2.5~+1.5m-1) [/*]
  • focusing screen exchange type liquid crystal monitor 2.5 type approximately 210,000 pixel [/*]
  • automatic focusing type: TTL phase difference detection system range sensor: SAFOXVIII (11 point ranges) spot range to change, at the time of picture mode/automatic picture mode. only at the time "of dynamic body" selection in continuous AF, at the time of other mode singly [/*]
  • AF fixing mode change: At the time of P/Tv/Av/M/B. With photographing setting inside MENU, AF mode is changed single AF (AF.S)/continuous AF (AF.C), possible range point change possibility and range position with superimposition indicatory possible [/*]
  • exposure control photometry system: TTL open 16 divided photometry, central importance photometry and spot photometry, photometry range EV1~21.5 (ISO200.50mmF1.4) AE lock button system (timer system: 2 times that of the photometry functioning time which is set with custom setting), with the shutter button semi- pushing the continuous shutter electronic control type vertical running focal plain shutter automatic: 1/4000 second ~30 second (stepless floor), manual: 1/4000 second ~30 second (1/3EV step or 1/2EV step), valve drive mode 1 scene, continuation, self-timer (12 seconds later and 2 seconds later (after the mirror raising 2 seconds)) Automatic bracket, [/*]
  • remote control (after the same, 3 seconds) approximately 3 scenes/second, JPEG (L ???): Infinity RAW: To 10 scenes (at the time of noise reduction OFF) at the time of noise reduction ON, also JPEG/RAW the number of continual scenes decrease [/*]
  • built-in Strobo type 1 scenes at a time: When automatic popup functional attaching P-TTL built-in Strobo guide number 15.6 (ISO200 m) [gaidonanba] 11 (ISO100 m), [/*]
  • angle of view of the 28mm lens (35 millimeter conversion) it covers, - with 2~+1EV the luminous quantitative adjustment possible synchronizer hot shoe, 1/180 seconds in alignment speed, the P-TTL synchronizer, TTL synchronizer correspondence and the high speed synchronizer, wireless synchronizer possibility (outside correspondence the attaching Strobo master or it controls it radiates 1/180 seconds in alignment speed, with the red eye reduction functional attaching and menu setting) [/*]
  • [/*]
  • Well, only actually seen photos of the latest build of it, courtesy of my Pentax rep, but at least I've got a little more information for you to chew on. The photos were taken this week, so this is about as current as it gets.[/*]
  • First off, the magic press-release date is September 13th. There's still so much I haven't been able to pry from my rep that I'm dying for this date to hurry up and get here! [/*]
  • Body + 18-55 lens should be $899. A bit more than expected, but still a good price. [/*]
  • The name is definitely K10D (it was stamped on the body). Any remaining doubters can relax now.[/*]
  • Remember in the PMA photos (http://www.dpreview.com/articles/pma2006/Pentax/), that unmarked button that was above the AF switch on the front of the camera? It's now marked RAW, and I'm told it allows you to switch the camera to RAW mode from jpg mode by pressing and holding the RAW button. I think I would have preferred a custom white balance button, but I'm sure this function will be useful for people who shoot in jpg mode most of the time.[/*]
  • The LCD screen is the same as on the K100D: 2.5 ", 210,000 pixels [/*]
  • The battery grip has the same features as the grip for the *istD, though I can't say whether or not it connects to the body in the same way.[/*]
  • The body is slightly different than the one shown at PMA, though not by much. I'd be more specific, but I didn't have much time to really study the new images.[/*]
  • The mode dial on the camera's shoulder now has a lot more on it than at PMA. I couldn't see much detail in the images, but the new stuff looked like the same sort of preset shooting modes you see on consumer cameras (sports, portrait, night scene, etc).[/*]
  • DOF-preview now functions in a very interesting manner (apparently it does this on the K100D, but I didn't know that). Straight out of the box, when you use the DOF-preview function, it actually takes a photo and displays it on the screen until you press halfway on the shutter button (no, the photo is not saved on your memory card). If you want the more standard thru-the-lens DOF-preview, you can change that in a custom function menu. [/*]
Links to some of the information indicated above

http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]
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