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That's what deck is for,to have fun. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the photos. Very creative.

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Nice work on the deck Ira! I am a big fan of the "fire bowl" myself. Many a Fall evening we make Smores and families in our cul de Sac gather to enjoy the evenings--the kids in particular love it! Still too warm in these parts for the fire bowl--October will be more like it! Nice pictures..they capture the ambience very well! Jay
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The first pict blew me away with the country atmosphere you portrayed. It just tells all. Relaxing & peaceful environment. That is the envy of city people like me in Toronto.
It sounds odd about Tim (Fl) wishing to retire to move to the north. A few of them did not experience a couple of feet of snow for months on end. It seems global warning has really affected the states (in the south).
Your summer deck job is over. What is your plan for working out with your camera?
Well you were talking about the Minolta split screen you are expecting to arrive?

Monza76 wrote:
If I could get a little self indulgent fora moment, some of you may remember http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=80 Well the deck is now finished and furnished so I though I would try a little low light photography "out" back.

Evening approaches, getting a little cold out these nights. (12C when we started, down to 9C when we called it a night)

But the fire is warm:

And the Stars keep you company:

Time for a little nonsense, maybe a signature:

Or even a self portrait to go with it:

As the firelight dies:

Just for fun guys, we haven't had many nice evenings lately.


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danielchtong wrote:
Well you were talking about the Minolta split screen you are expecting to arrive?
I am hoping it will arrive before the weekend, I will be installing it right away and trying it out with the 50mm first, then the 135mm f2.8, then the 70-210mm f4 zoom. These are the two lenses that would benefit most from it. The 28mm f2.8 can be stopped down and zone focused, let the DOF take care of things.

I will report my findings in my usual non-scientific way. Imagine, a bachelor of science degree and here I am at 50 years old preaching about putting the qualitative ahead of the quantitative!! Do they revoke university degrees for scientific heresy?

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