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Im thinking of beginning to invest in some of Pentax's newer DA line of lenses, but before i jump in with both feet, I have a question...

So I've read that the DA line of lenses are specially developed for the *ist DSLR series of cameras, that is, in the 23.5mm x 15.7mm sensor size. I guess that's great for now, but as technology advances I hear they may develop full 35mm sized sensors for DSLRs...

My question is whether or not the DA line of lenses will still function the same with a larger, full-sized sensor when they have been specifically developed for the current, smaller *ist sensors?

Any thoughts or answers would be greatly appreciated...
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They would work, just not well. The image would not cover the whole sensor. The advantage of the DA lenses is they can be made smaller, faster, andless expensivefor the same focal length of full frame lenses.
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Although there is a lot of talk about sensor size I think Pentax will probably stick with the smaller sensor as Nikon has. Nikon's pro model cameras use a small sensor of over 12MP and produce sharp low-noise images, I see no reason why Pentax would not continue on that same path. The larger sensors are exponentially more expensive because of the low rate of acceptable chips that can be produced from one silicon wafer. Pentax is not aiming at a pro market yet, and the vast majority of their new lenses are DA spec.

I have made a point of collecting older FA lenses but that is because I still have a Pentax film body (took it out yesterday and shot two rolls of film, then put it away until I get bored some day next year), and I am buying used lenses because they are cheaper of course.

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