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Is there any preferred method you have when it comes to extracting your images from the SD card and transferring it to your computer? So far I have been taking the card out and inserting it into a card reader connected to the computer. The second option is of course to connect the camera directly to the USB port of the computer.

Is there any damage that I can do to the card and to the camera card slot by these frequent insertions and extractions of the card?

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I also remove the card and plug it into the card reader. The only negative I can see with this method is when you forget to replace the card in the camera and find yourself without a card the next time you want to take a picture.

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Therein lies the drawback with only one card, and I have been stupid enough to grab the camera and go out, onlt to discover that it had no card in it. Good excuse to buy a second, which I now dutifully place in the camera as I take out the one I want to process.
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I just blame it on having a "Senior Moment" when I shoot a few photos without a card in the camera, but I guess it can happen to anyone.

I expect those would have been prize winning photos had I just remembered to put the card back into the camera!

I have a friend that has fried two point and shoot digital cameras by transferring the images by plugging the camera directly into the computer, so the method you are using is the safe way and usually the fastest way.

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I rarely plug the camera in ( the cord is attached to my USB hub along with a standard plug, a Fuji cord and my card reader). I have a second card reader in my camera bag when I travel and the laptop has an SD reader built in. I think SD cards will probably hold up better than CF since all it takes is to bend one of those tiny pins in the CFslot to totally shut down a camera. The surface contacts of the SD are more like game cartridges for earlier gaming consoles, they do wear but can take tremendous abuse befopre they give trouble.

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not a senior moment at all.. i once attended a wedding to read that dreaded "no card inserted" message..

ennacac wrote:
I just blame it on having a "Senior Moment" when I shoot a few photos without a card in the camera, but I guess it can happen to anyone.
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i've just always used the camera to d/l even tho i have 3 cards..

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Just pick the method you like the best. I've used card readers every since I bought my first digital camera in the late 90's. I'm just used to it. I got into the habit of dumping the pictures off the card, wiping the card (not formatting) and then putting the card back into the camera. So far, I haven't forgotten the card (I'm sure my time is coming), but I also have a handful of cards and keep at least one in every bag/case I have. Cards are cheap.

I also just bought a Flashpac 7000 from Wolverine Data. It's a 60GB portable HD with builtin card reader. I figure it's easier than carrying a laptop when I travel.

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Hi fghouse,

I usually use the same card all the time (my only 2gb), but I keep one of the spare 1gb cards in a little soft battery case that I always carry in my pocket when out with my DS. I also keep 2 spare sets of batteries and 1 spare 1gb card in my usual camera bag, so even senior moments don't stop me. It happened once, and that was once too many for me.

I use a card reader to transfer the images. IMO there is more chance of damaging the little USB socket in the camera than doing some harm to the card or card slot, and if the card is damaged, you might have some recourse with the mfg if it has a lifetime warrantee (as all of mine have).

The card reader is also faster (as long as it's USB 2.0), and there is no separate power supply problem that could cause a transfer failure -- as in the camera battery dying while transferring images.


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I use a card reader (always attached to a USB hub). The only down side I see to this approach is that I have to open and close the card slot door on the DL each time you remove and replace the card. I wonder how many cycles of opening/closing the door will take before it either malfunctions or breaks entirely? The spring loaded door and latch appear to be made of plastic.

As for having senior moments...sorry but you guys are on your own. My mind is as sharp as a tick...I mean a tock...or is it a tack??:?
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