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No laughing please, it's not funny, honest!

I now smoke in my kitchen to keep it away from the animals since Molly was diagnosed with Pasteurella. I have a stool in my kitchen to sit on while I smoke. Precious, my cat nearly always comes in there with me and will sit on the stool until I want to sit down.

Well, tonight, I thought she was still in the lounge so sat down, only to feel something under my bottom and hear this little noise of disgust. Poor Precious, I was sitting on her but I was going down in slow motion cos I was trying so hard not to let myself go all the way and the harder I tried to stand up again, the harder it was.

I did sit on her but managed somehow not to put my weight down til she had jumped off, I felt sooooo baaaaad. Amazingly enough, shecame right back to me for fuss! lol!

She's in the wars at the moment too. She was spayed three weeks ago, removed her first stitch after about 3 days but that was ok and then the second after about five days but again, all looked well, was healing nicely and very clean. Then I noticed it started swelling around the wound site so took her to the vet (she was due for stitch removal anyway). Vet checked her over and said it looked fine.

Almost a week later, the swelling had gone down considerably by then but out of the blue, the wound opened up so off we go to the vets again. Turns out there was an infection.

She's been wearing one of the veterinary collars ever since and has to keep it on until the wound has healed properly, probably two weeks so is all out of sync and off balance a bit. The last thing she needs is her mummy sitting on her! lol!

Poor little Precious. Still, she's doing ok now, we go back for the last anti biotic injection tomorrow, then it's just a matter of waiting for the wound to heal up properly before taking off the horrible contraption! lol!
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one awesome at youve got there!!!! I hope she gets better!!!
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Poor little kitty - she obviously doesn't hold it against you (they never do, do they?). That picture is so nice, love the lighting.
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