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I purchased two new Pentax Optio S50 cameras for my daughters. One of them broke the second time it was used (the telephoto lens stuck open) and Pentax would not fix it unless I paid almost $200.00 in repair costs, saying it was caused by abuse. Of the dozen or so cameras our extended family owns, the only ones to ever break were these two Pentax digital cameras.

I sent Pentax dozens of other identical complaints (where the telephoto lens jammed open) that I located on the Internet, however Pentax kept stating this was not a design flaw???? Someone is recommending a class action suit against Pentax. I will join in if they proceed.

The second camera has never taken a sharply focused photo since it was new, however Pentax stated that I would have to pay to have this repaired as the 1 year warranty had just elapsed.

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At leaast admits to dropping it.

Don't do that is in the manual somwhere.

A poor model.... all camera companies have/do had/have them.

And then you look for cheap sometimes you get it.

But if the problem with this model is so rampant.... no one seems did ANY prebuy research???? GOOGLE is your friend as you have now found but didn't think to first?

This camera has been out for 3 YEARS!!!!!

You probably bought it cheap if recent.... long dicontinued just old stock.

Like my sucky Canon A530 there was a reason I got it so cheap (again discontimued old stock that doidn't do well).... and why I am not going to go balistic over its flaws.... it was bought as a cheap who cares what happens to it cam... nearly disposable..

And OK if as bad as some say maybe Pentax should have just landfilled them.... but the eveidence was well out there before anyof you bought I'd think.....

Unless something odd happens to them suddenly after just sitting on a shelf for 2 years, that didn't from the get go.

And for that matter were they bought as NEW or refurbished?

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