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Default Anyone have/use a K5 yet???

Or experience with one?

I'm chomping at the bit for Steve's to do a review. So far, the only real review I've found is at a British website. I've been sticking with the better megazoom cameras so far because, frankly, you can go BROKE buying lenses, and I figured if I wanted a decent DSLR I needed to go Canon or Nikon AND skip their entry-level models, but just recently I decided to see what Pentax has, when I got to thinking the autofocus lenses I used to use with my PZ1 might work with them (I have a 50 F 1.4 and a 135 F 2.8, plus some lower quality lenses. That 135 took the best portrait shots I think I ever shot!).

At any rate, I was actually surprised when I started looking to see that Pentax really DIDN'T have anything even APPROACHING "pro" level (I can't afford REAL "pro," anyway, but want to get "close."), UNTIL they recently released the K5, but THAT isn't available many places yet, or getting many reviews yet.

What have you folks read, heard, seen about it? Anyone actually bought or used one? Right now I'm shooting with a Canon Powershot IS SX30 and IS SX20. I also have a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30 and FZ10 I don't really use any more, although I'm TEMPTED to start using the FZ 30 some again since Canon made NO provisions for things like remote release on the SX 20/30, but the FZ 30 has it, and I have a LONG cable. PLUS, the "burst" speed on the SX 30 is just over 1 FPS! I could hit close to 5 FPS on the FZ 30, which still comes closer to a "pro" camera than any of the other 3 in many respects. But none of the three older ones have the 35X zoom lens the SX30 has, which is the only reason I bought it to go with the SX20 (I actually like the SX20 better, otherwise).

At any rate, I've decided the SX30 is the LAST megazoom camera I'm buying. I've started reading photography books again, trying to improve my knowledge, and even the best megazoom doesn't have all the features I need to do the things I want. I'm not entirely sure if the K5 does, yet, either. But I sure don't like the idea of having to buy all new lenses and also pay more for Canon or Nikon bodies IF it does.

One nice thing I HAVE read about the K5 is that the optical image stabilization is done IN THE CAMERA, not the lens, so I won't lose anything in that regard by using those older AF lenses.
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What features do you want that you need as close to "pro" as you can get? Other than the coolness factor of having a "pro" camera. Reviews of the K-5 have been out for a month or two now. Here's one at DP Review:
A number of user reviews as well. By most accounts it's a wonderful camera. But again, it depends on what your specific requirements of a camera are. So, what type of photography are you interested in? And, what features about your superzoom aren't letting you achieve your photographic goals?
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Good link and questions to consider from JohnG.

Also I just posted the Popular Photography test of the K5...you can find it in the Pentax DSLR section.

In addition I would post some of your questions there...there are a number of Pentax K5 users and they are excellent when it comes to answering questions about anything Pentax DSLR.

Usually people discuss the Pentax DSLR's in that forum and the Point and shooter's and non DSLR Pentax cameras in this forum.

I think you would get more response, to your K5 questions in the Pentax DSLR forum.

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Thanks, John and Les.

I didn't realize this forum was primarily for P&S Pentax cameras... Offhand, not being able to do remote shutter release (either with or without a cable), is one drawback, but my biggest gripe is the limited aperture range, which ends at F8 with all my Megazooms. I used to really LOVE shooting at F22 with a multi-second exposure and a low ISO near sunset, on a tripod, for example, something that's just not possible with one of the cameras I currently have (although they give a surprisingly good DOF for F8). I really DO like features like the 0 CM Macro feature built in to the two Canons I have, however -- something I'll probably use from here on out, rather than buying a macro lens for any DSLR.

There are a few other features available on DSLRs that weren't even options on film SLRs I've just been reading about recently in some of the digital photography books I've been reading that I could find quite useful (and I can't bring them up off the top of my head -- Scott Kelby's series of 3 is what I've finished thus far... about to start one by Joe McNally).

Since 1997, I haven't shot ANY photos for profit. However I may want or need to in the forseeable future, or for that matter just want to improve my craft for my own pleasure. To that end, I probably need to move up to DSLR next, and I'm looking at the most affordable way to do that, since my finances are limited.

The one British review I saw of the K5 seemed to look very promising -- especially the high-ISO shots and the "anti-shake" technology, which is what they called it, I think. Many thanks for YOUR link above, John! I'll also look over in the Pentax DSLR section, Les.
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