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Hi Everyone,

Not too long I've bought a Pentax Optio 750Z and I am quite happy with it. (After the firmware update 1.01!!!). A few days ago I came across a very strange error.
When shooting a movie at 320x240 resolution, full color, 30 fps, TIMELAPSE = OFF I get a really bizarre behaviour. These settings let you use the digital zoom.

When zooming in and out the speed of the movie sometimes switches into timelapse mode!!!! (I hope I make sense)... for example you'd make a movie of a ticking second hand of a watch. Without the zoom you'd see it move every second. Zooming in all the way still the same only bigger ) Then you zoom out and at one position of the zoom the hand would move 5 times in a second or so (time lapsed) until you either zoom in or out. This doesn't make sense whatsoever since setting Timelapse is set to OFF.

This appears to be a problem with these exact settings. All other settings 15fps or 640x480 are ok.

Could somebody with a Pentax 750Z please try this out? Maybe it's just my camera? Or is it a firmware bug? (BTW. I'm using a sandisk ultra II 512 MB)

Thanks a lot and merry Christmas,

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hello, I would like to know how to upgrade firmware release of pentax optio s5i camera.

is it feasible by myself?

should I ask some lab?

I experienced a problem with my camera: sometimes it looses pictures and the sd card capacity turns to be less than the nominal one. I have to format the card to get again the original capacity..

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saw your post its a bit old so dont know if your still around, but I got a 750z and it does the same thing goes fast on zoom. like youve put it on time frame when you havent or timelapse as its called.

Also it is very poor in low light, like you are doing a movie, and the screen shows fine lighting, and looks like the movie is going ok, then if it is indoors, the playback is very dark indeed.

I'm wondering if its actually faulty, I'm considering possibly returning it unless a new firmware update sorts this. I have 1.01

Anyone add to this ??


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