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deuces Mar 17, 2005 10:46 AM

Does anyone else notice the audio going out of sync with the video when recording in 640x480 mode at 30fps on this camera? (record for a while.. maybe a 30s-1 minute clip)

Basically I bought a Kingmax 1gb 60X SD card but noticed in the fine print it says MAX 10MB / sec transfer whereas the Sandisk Ultra II cards say MIN sustained rate "write speed of 9MB per second and a read speed of 10MB per second". Does anyone know if maybe switching to the Sandisk Ultra II would fix this issue? Or is the MIN/MAX wording just a marketing ploy?

I guess also does anyone even have this problem of the audio losing sycn with the video in this mode? I can tell as when people are speaking the audio is WAY off... not sure if its due to the length of video, the card, the camera?

Any comments appreciated as I don't want to spend another $100 just to find out the camera has this flaw.


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