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Hello Together!

My Optio S has after maybe 2 1/2 years an big problem, starting, but first let me set country, date and clock and then gives me black screen and no function.

Where it started:
Last weekend I was dancing (ok, maybe it is not good, to dance with an optio s digicam in the pocket!! :roll and take some pictures, switched off and the next time, I switched on, I was in the presetmenu and must set country-settings, date and clock. After that I had an black screen. Menu shows an error-menu, without any text, but white background and the green box, which is movable.

Some detailed reactions (not much indeed!):
The OK-Button gives me an functioning! screen in the background and selection for modus, but there are no icons and no text, only the green box and the functioning cam in the background. Also I can move left/right and the box is blinking, but nothing else happens.. i can agree the modus.. the screen goes black again...
If I select (blindly) specialmodus, next time I have an grey screen (which is my usual setting from this), also panorama-settings look fine, but ONLY in the OK-Button-Selection, normally the screen is black.
All the other buttons except menu and ok-button have no interesting functions neither showing ony reactions on the cam.. oh.. the off/on-button functions at least.

First Contact (with Pentax)
I have send an email to pentax, the answered me with the link to the repair-form and some somehow usefull information, the consense is to send the cam to pentax for repair. Also I can choose how much money i will spend (max.value etc.)..

If the value of repairing is greater than 130-150 €, I will buy a new one except repear the old stuff... *snief*

I have some pictures made with my handycam (really bad quality but something to see hopefully) for the technicians , maybe that helps in the case of cases to reduce repair-costs..

maybe firmware?!
One hope is, that I can get for example the firmware of this stuff and put it on .. maybe this will give me the menus back, It could worth a try, so anybody has this firmware-software for an optio S?! *dont think so but asking costs nothing ;o)*

Only a theory
Maybe this will not help.. Im thinking on an memory, which normally saves the settings, but this memory (which also contains the firmware??!) dont function, therefore I must set the settings every time on start.

I have my Optio S bought somewhere around 2003, meanwhile the shop closed ..
Does anybody know, how long the usual waranty for pentax optio s digicams is, it would be great if you can tell me!

Hopefully somebody has an idea for solutioning, has the same problems or something like this.

Best wishes,

Stephan aka Melodyver (Germany->Karlsruhe)

p.s. sorry, dont mentioned, the text in the picture is german but the hopefully most important stuff i have explained also here in the text in english!
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Hallo,I'm having the same problem. Did you ever find a fix? Or a new firmware.

greetings Marco:sad:
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sorry, never got a solution for that... the result is, that the defect cam is lying on my table for now month...
Don´t want to repair and haven´t find a new one yet (((

Nonetheless... many luck with your cam! I will buy a new one soon, repairing is to less accurate in "preprice-Information"..

Best wishes,

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