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Yearly, there are several glamour/fashion photography seminars held that exclusively deal with outdoor portrait photography. I thought I would save ya'll the $150.00 fee & pass along the information for free. While I'm far from an expert, I do try to remember stuff I might need one day.

1. Cloudy days are better than sunny days (i.e. cloudy skies are the worlds biggest softbox).
2. On sunny days, the best place to shoot people is in "open shade" (an area of shade that is close to a bright, sun-lit space).
3. When shooting in open shade look for natural light reflectors...a white sidewalk, gravel, water, etc. Place your subject facing the light reflectors to throw more light onto their face. In the absence of natural light reflectors, use what you have (a white shirt, paper plates, a light colored jacket, etc...plan ahead).
4. On sunny days, watch your background. Try to keep brightly lit areas out of the picture (unless you are specifically wanting it for a reason).

An example of #1

#3 at work...open shade with sunlit white steps coming up directly in front of the model.

#3, plus I was wearing a white shirt (thus, the catchlights in her eyes).
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Hello Kalypso

Nice pics

and whos that lovely model???
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I love the second photo. Her smile will capture the world.
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Very nice. Those eyes on #3WOW.Frank you have some competition here.:-)
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Old Oct 15, 2004, 5:13 PM   #5
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Awesome shots Kalypso....and thanks a bunch for the tips on lighting.
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The last photo is the best. She's beautiful.


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Thanks for the comments. The images were shown to reflect (no pun intended ;-) the lighting. The models were:
1. Missy, now living in Atlanta.
2. Heather Renee', now living in Milwaukee (of all places)!
3. Samantha...a classic beauty who is pretending to be a local college student.

Gena, another local college student...9pm in Feb/03, no flash, ambient lighting from the overhead lamps, reflected off of a 42" gold reflector held at an angle in front of her feet.
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very nice
Attached Images
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Hi Kalypso,

Greetings from the frozen north. What a pleasant surprise to read this post. I just finished doing some outdoor shots, and I can grasp a lot of what you posted. It will make my next session more productive. I do like all the pics, and themodels are very fetching. But number three...aye carambah!! What a fresh looking face! Beautifully photographed!IMHO...

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Hi Kalypso;

Thanks for the great tips. In truth, I had heard much of this before, but not all in one place.

Nice shots, by the way. Question regarding make-up... what do you suggest to your models before a shoot?Just curious.


Tom, onPoint Pelee, Canada
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