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Default All psyched -- or should that be "cyc'ed"? -- up

All psyched -- or should that be "cyc'ed"? -- up

His name is Hubert Montoya. He is, obviously, a cyclist. Cycling for what I didn’t catch. He leveled it on me, but owing to the fact that I know nothing of the sport and not at all due to his Colombian-accented English which came out impeccably astute, I couldn’t venture to guess if I heard him right when he mentioned two events he was joining that to me -- again due to my ignorance of cycling -- sounded gibberish.

I saw him in Times Square yesterday morning in complete cycling outfit taking selfies with his bike facing this way and that, keeping his cellphone in one hand at arm’s length while awkwardly balancing his bike with the other, and animatedly asking fellow tourists to take his picture with his phone then thanking them afterward, as if victorious just having made it to Times Square in New York City and already bringing home the trophy even before the race began. In short, he was setting himself up so he couldn’t possibly say ‘no’ should a stranger like me, which for all he knew could be a fan, approach and ask if his picture can be taken.

And that’s what I did. I approached and asked if he wanted me to take his picture. He said sure and handed me his phone.

After taking snaps of him with his bike on his hands high above his head, I asked if I could take pictures of him again this time with my camera. I explained as a hobbyist I did this every morning and quickly showed him samples of my work from my “solitude” series on my smartphone. I said I can e-mail his photo afterward. After a moment of what I perceived was guarded enthusiasm as he perhaps sized me up after all this is New York he said, sure. I took five snaps the result of which you see here.

While showing him the pictures on my camera, he asked, “How much?”

Although I expected it the question still came as a surprise because to me the willingness to remunerate spoke well of my new-found acquaintance. I said, “No, it’s free.”

He then said and then reiterated he had really good Colombian coffee in his hotel room (I was thinking unless he brought coffee with him hotel coffee couldn’t be any good let alone from Colombia) indicating we could come up for some. It was probably his way of reciprocating and he seemed genuinely remorseful when I said I can’t because I had to go to work.

I e-mailed him the photo but he hasn’t replied yet. I like to think his jaw would drop and his eyes pop out when he opens my e-mail but in the event they do not, ah, well, having the chance to meet someone from a far-flung country who is perhaps chasing a dream in my backyard, the Crossroads of the World, all made possible by my passion for photography is to me more than enough consolation that I may well be the one bringing home the trophy.

(I found out on his fb wall this is the race he's going to: https://granfondony.com/granfondo-2015/course/overview/. I might go because the route is close to us.)

Image is HDR processed with Dynamic Photo HDR 6 and Topaz Labs. Thank you for looking.
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great stuff vv ... and really good of you too mate
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He asked you "how much?" because nothing in Colombia is free! But that's a nice story of your encounter and I'm sure he loved the photo.
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Thank you, simple, Pitter.

Simple, I felt bad for him being fully dressed up but not knowing how to take a proper selfie so stepped up and offered to help.

Lol, Pitter. I guess Colombia and NYC are the same in that regard.

The tour went up to Bear Mountain which is close to us so my wife and I went. There was no crowd where we were at Tomkins Cove so he saw me when he passed. He saw me and yelled, "Hey!", and I yelled, "Hey, Hubert!" back.
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took the liberty of removing the perspective distortion

and a recrop

work has been deleted from my CPU

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