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MoonGypsy Oct 26, 2004 11:41 PM

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sds Oct 27, 2004 6:45 AM

Great photo! It makes you wonder if there is a red suit and boots in the carrying bag, He has his sack next to him. He's just taking a break before the hard job ahead of him.

WisconsinGirl Oct 27, 2004 10:18 AM

I really like the black and white, too, because it helps you focus on the subject, where you might be distracted by all the colors associated with the things around him.

We have a Santa lookalike in our small town, too, and he inevitably gets mobbed by children each time he goes to the grocery store. He is great about it, and reinforces the idea that Santa is always watching ;). In our town, we really can say, "You never know when he might be around the corner!!:lol:

Anyway, nice shot!

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