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Default Carnival

Canon D30
17-35mm @ 35.0mm
Subject dist: 1.21m
1/30 sec, f/4.5
Mode: Tv
Metering: Evaluative
ISO: 100
My daughter and wife... This was taken about a year ago, and I keep going back to look at it. I like it, but I'm curious what others think. It took several times around to get the shot.

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I like the way the motion helps to enhance the excitement and the thrill. However, I guess I'm a little distracted by the fact that your wife is blocked by a post and only partially in the frame. Definitely some great smiles! I'll bet there was a similar smile behind the camera too!

Once again your image is inspring me to take some more pictures (and make comments). The style of picture is one that I have been playing with a bit and I like. The idea is to use the motion blur to capture more of the feeling of the moment. Since I mentioned neutral density filters on another of your posts, I'll add that this is another place to have some fun with one, although it works best if you can do with out it. If you use the ND filter here you can get more motion blur by using a longer exposure, but it obfuscates the trick a bit. The trick is that you still want to capture the faces as sharp images. You use a fill flash to do this. The flash will provide a bright, clear, frozen-in-time image of the forground subjects. The rest of the image will then get filled in over the length of the exposure (blurry where there is motion).

Its a lot of fun. I learned about it when a photographer was doing a portrait of me for Wired magazine. He shot using just a single flash at about a 30 degree angle aimed directly at me (but not lighting much of the background behind me). As soon as he pressed the shutter, he would bump the camera tripod. The effect was that the flash would capture me crisply and the background would get a motion blur from the bumped camera during the long exposure. If you've seen pictures in Wired, you know they like to do this kind of stuff. There is probably a name for it.

Using motion blur from moving subjects is the same kind of thing, but you use the subject's motion to create the blur instead of the bumped tripod. Also hand held pictures can be very interesting when shot this way. Then you use the hand movement of the camera for the motion blur.

If you want to get really fancy you fire the flash at the end of the exposure instead of the beginning so that the blur doesn't preceed the fillflash image.

The effect is really fun... and once again digital makes it all too easy to experiment with.

have fun,

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Thanks Roger. I might have used a flash on this photo...hard to remember 3000 pictures ago.

Yup, the pole in front of my wife is a bit distracting. I find that carosel shots are tough. The rides are typically short, it takes repositioning and timing...all while finetuning exposure and shutter speed. Lots of fun!

I guess I don't know how to delay the flash on a shot. I have a 550EX flash. Maybe I should thumb through the manual again. That sounds like a great idea.

Thanks again for the feedback...
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