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Hi all, can you take a look and tell me what you think of the new layout I'm using for galleries/purchase.

This one is not live yet as I'm trying to work out how to get it to link into my paypal account but apart from that it is almost there (well I need to add T's and C's and sort instructions). Does it work OK on your machine, what do you think about the Proof watermark that goes away when the mouse is over the image, any other thoughts?

My New Web Gallery

If you are wondering what an old gallery would have looked like check out any on the right hand side of www.photographysmith.co.uk

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Mark, As I am not a professional (paid), I can comment based on my position as a consumer and found your site nicely laid out and intuitive. And yes, I like the disappearing watermark (found out about that by accident).

I also enjoyed looking at the pics, very nicely done!

Do you pp these as a batch, or just the ones that are bought? Or do you do each one by itself? Just curious..

I seem to remember another post you made somewhere about you not being a wedding photographer?? Anyway, if that's true, you brought yourself up to speed quickly:lol:

Question- on the pic of the young lady clapping her hands(to the music?), was that an effect of slow sync or rear curtain or what? I must admit I have never been a flash fan, but I recently bought an SB600, so I am now committed to learning..

Once again, fantastic shots and nice site.

Cheers, Robert
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I looked at your site. Indeed you took lots of beautiful images.

My only concern would be the first page. \the main image needs to be re-done again. Not sure, but needs little bit changing.
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