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dcrawley Jul 11, 2004 12:02 AM

Still too early to tell yet. My wife is just into her second trimester with our second child (third pregnancy in all). I was amazed to see how much activity there is at only 8 weeks (when these were done). My wife's doctorwith our first child did not do an ultrasound this early so we were completely suprised at all the activity. Another month and we can tell if Buzz Lightyear (my 5-year-old son's name for it) is another boy or a girl.


ferny Jul 11, 2004 3:27 AM

Congratulation Damon and thanks for sharing. Although I'll have to confess, I find it almost impossible to read ultrasounds. All I can see is movement. The people who operate the machines are very skilled. :lol:

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