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Hi all,

I'm trying new areas in photographyand a friend has just loaned me her old 3 head studio flash set. It's very basic with only full or half power, one brolly, one snoot and one with a dome reflector (or what ever you call it.... yep I know very little).

I used the stage at my church with the white cover which is usually over the drums for protection over the back wall to make the backdrop. This was lit with one unit with the reflector at full power. The at 45 deg in front of the subject from the left (as we look at the shots) I had the brolly (full power) and the snoot was to the right and above roughly in line with the subject (half power).

These are not great but it was helpful for me to see where I was getting nasty shadows and I now need to read up on light settings and play again.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.



Edit.... forgot to add I need to learn about posing as well and also how do you handle softening skin of someone with freckles?

1. Lesson one get the main light higher!


3 Look out for shadows on the faces caused by the other person.

4 Get models who are not artists and have clean clothes on LOL.




8 I always like something a bit different and thought this gave a more interesting look.

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Gererally, the main light should be about 3-4ft to one side, 40-50 degrees above the subjects aimed down at 35 degrees. The fill light should be 1-2stops down, close to front center & close to eye level of the subjects. A snoot is usually used for a rear hair light & fired towards the rear head of the subject.

Also, the girl in the 2nd pic would benefit from her jacket being open another few inches ;-)

Shadows make the image.......
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Thanks Kalypso, that's very helpful

I only took 20 pics in total as I wanted to ensure the lights were working OK and these were just youth from my church waiting for the youth club to start so didn't really get to spend as much time as I would have liked. I hope to get more tries and will see how your suggestions (and others... so please comment) help.
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Good try nice shots,I agree though that shadows would show up the

contours of the subjects to better effect (highlights, midtones, shadows :idea

a tutorial on skin http://photography-on-the.net/forum/...d.php?t=171753


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