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Default First Maternity Shoot

To follow on from my first shoot in a proper studio which took place a few weeks ago, I've now done my first maternity shoot. Not so hi tech this time, just 2 x Canon 580 flash guns and shoot through umbrellas. Didn't always shoot 2 lights, there were a few with just a single.

Would love to know your thoughts and advice for next time out. I was really struggling for ideas, you know what it's like, you look at things online then when it comes to putting it into practise your mind goes blank. I know I've done too many with the same hand pose of mum so will look at more options in the future.






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I like 2 and 5 with 5 being the best in my opinion. These are differnet for me and I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw your post. They remind me of something that would be in a women's magazine. Really great series but you and a few other people on this site always have great work to display!
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Nice as always Mark. Beautiful lighting. I like the 4 hands pics especially, since this is (oftentimes) about a couple's experience, not just the woman's.
And I like the low key. Seems like so many of the maternity pics I've seen have been high key, white on white, etc. These are, I daresay, romantic.

The piercing seems awfully harsh for loving pictures of a future baby... but that's nothing that you can control. I just wish she'd chosen a softer charm, or a ring...

I wish there were at least a few with people's faces clearly visible. This is about a mother
giving birth after all, not just a womb.
You probably have to PS out the clothing / stretch marks in No. 3.
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Nice job Mark. I know maternity shots are not as easy as one might think. Nice use of single flash set back slightly behind her. it highlights the curves nicely.
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Perdendosi said everything i think about these picks.
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My favourite are 2,5 and 6. I love the lighting you created as it was just enough to be intimate. The last photo, I like the 'Dad-to-be" hands coming from behind as its a nice contrast of feminine beauty and strength of protection.

I'm sure your client will be very happy.
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