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Default Girl on piano

A friend's daughter asked me to shoot her high school senior pictures.

I was pleased with this photo. But that doesn't mean it's good. So I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvement.

She's a singer and I took this photo of her while she was resting her head on her hand which were on a piano. We spent a few minutes dusting and waxing the piano trying to get a reflective shine on it.

She has very pale skin, dark hair. Also, I wish she had worked with a person with more experience with make-up. It seemed that she used make-up that made her skin tone orange. I fought orange skin in just about each photo.

I'm looking forward to reading your C&C's.

Faithfully Yours,
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Great shot.
IMO with pale skin subject one can play with contrast, i.e. Illuminate from the side or use ratio to induce facial features... (or 3-dimension)

-> with external flashes most folks will try to eliminate shadow, but one can also also shape the shadows to the image benefit too

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If the piano is an important part of who she is, then I think you should show more of the piano. It does not need to be a lot of piano but enough that you know what it is. In this photo I could have assumed it was a dining room table.
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Something to keep in mind also, is that not only do you see her reflection in the piano, there is light reflected from the piano to her. This may be at least part of the reason for the orange skin tones you were fighting. I have had problems with this in interiors of log houses, where the light reflected from the walls and ceiling takes on an orange cast.
Very nice photo. She should be pleased.
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I'm just tossing this in, so I apologize before-hand if it's incorrect, but her forearms look too big for her face. Couldn't read the exif so can't say but what focal length were you using? Maybe it's natural. Maybe you were too close.
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