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Old Jan 4, 2005, 1:50 PM   #1
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This is not a normal session, the subject is a new brand jeans for the dutch market, Budha jeans.
So please comment for the commercial value of the shots.

More on www.doorhof.nl/com

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Old Jan 4, 2005, 3:24 PM   #2
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Love 1 & 2 & the outdoors shots! The others don't look as commercial to me.
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Old Jan 4, 2005, 5:36 PM   #3
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frank, i see you went on a road trip. personally i like the outdoor shot on the road. that's my favorite kind of lighting. natural and not too bright.

the rest are good as well, as usual.

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Old Jan 4, 2005, 6:36 PM   #4
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My logic leads me to say that overall I admire the photography. A commercial effort for the jeans should draw more attention to them, IMHO. Perhaps by shifting the camera to a lower vantage point would highlight the jeans, looking up would naturally diminish the torso and face of the model. Having said that, I think the second one does the job, and the thumbs through the belt loops in number one draws my eye to the jeans, as well as her expression. (?I don't know exactly why...sorta seems like the jeansie type of attitude in her expression...) But since you asked Frank, I wonder what it would look like if she repeated that expression (facial) and thumbs in the loops but you shot it from a lower hieght? Forgive my opinions if they seem to overshoot your request. I'm basically thinking out loud here. Best regards,


Came back to add that the one on the road with her back to us...I think, is a winner. I love the attitude she projects...just right for a jean commercial in my mind. You can see just enough of her face to read the look. Her posture goes hand in glove with her expression. And the surroundings compliment her sort of tough guy/girl stance. Wunderbar!! (or whatever that expression is...) Good work Frank. You must have put a lot of thought into it.
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Old Jan 4, 2005, 8:45 PM   #5
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I can see 1, 2, and 4 on magazine pages for sure.
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Old Jan 5, 2005, 2:28 AM   #6
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Alway's shoot, that's the only way to go further as a photographer, by comments from people who look from a different angle.

Tonight I have a second session with another model and I will try some other things at that moment.

I have no experience with jeans commercials so I'm learning going.

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Old Jan 5, 2005, 3:57 AM   #7
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Hi Frank.

I don't quite know what your asking regarding input.

Do you have the account, or are you trying to win it? Seems like the latter- if so, it also appears the company has not given you any context for which they would like to see their product, please forgive my assumptions.

If my opinion can help at all, I will give it but I have no clue where to start or stop... also because there is no context, you have not indicated with what exactly you are trying to achieve.

My business isproduct shooting (models & clothes/fashion catalogue) and editing among other things (landscape & portrait)- this does not make me any more expert than you or anybody else is likely to be here. However I'll say a few things which may or may not be usefull:

#1) has bad product placementand poor effect , bad resolution quality (neat model pic though).

#2) Is the right ideabut needsfuller frame anda "background" (such as a street scence, etc. (see suggestions for pic #5)) but something not static -or- maybe wall paper with Co. logo.

#3) Is by far, the best picture here- just pick her up out of the studio and put her down on a bus-stop bench; playground; resturant; schoolyard; etc... some dynamic background out of focus, or not.All thisdependstheintended customer.* Watch out that you do not inadvertantly favor a different product- in this case your picture is also selling the shoes she is wearing. All the same- this is a professional shot.

~ What i meant say here is that this style of shot would be good outdoors but you would need to use full outdoor studio type lighting.

#4) I have no comment on this one (nothing constructive).

#5) Isthe2nd best! but of course very different- I hesitate to offer any advice for this one since it appears to me that you alreadyhave the idea. But one thing to keep in mind with this type of shot (and designed to sell product), is that illusion sells better than real life- clean it up> spotless... then go back and make the scene look "dirty" or"gritty" or "raw" (in a artificial way),it shouldcause an emotional reaction - not disgust.*try not to fall into the mindset that the product will sell itself, it won't... show the product! remove the shoes (barefoot), open her shirt- do something.

~I mean here, that the scene (without the model) should be carefully manicured and then set-up to taste... then the model shoot.

#6) no comment. (i mean really- where wouldi start?)

Frank, good luck with this endevor I hope it works out for you!


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Old Jan 5, 2005, 9:33 AM   #8
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It's a strange story actualy.

I have never done anything in product shooting, so this is a first.
The brand has no style YET, the idea to find this style in my idea's and their idea's in other words, I give them some possibilities, I have choosen the lifestyle look in BW, the studio look for order cataloques and some close ups.

I will talk with them again to see what direction they want it to go.

Tonight I have another session for this brand and I will try something different than.

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Old Jan 6, 2005, 1:52 PM   #9
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Because I am sick I want to say it in Dutch now.

Frank ik vind jaimy niet echt geschikt voor een commerciele shoot daarvoor vind ik dat ze te weinig uitstraling heeft zoals linda dots ook al tegen je heeft verteld. Die met die andere meid daar in tegen is weer super! hoop dat je me mening kan accepteren.

groetjes Veronique
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