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mrcoons Jan 21, 2006 9:26 AM

Here are a couple of shots from a concert I attended last night:

The venue was not as well lit as I expected which gave me a few challenges. I was going to shoot a third of the performance in manual and forgot! These shots were all taken with the Sigma 18-135mm f/3.5-5.8 lens with a flash at ISO 1600.

ZAKD Jan 22, 2006 2:42 AM

If you could have been a little closer you would made much better photos.
The last one is pretty cool anly thing that you could done is to clone the heat from one of the people who were sitting...
The second one is also good but if you could take picture which could be higher and less wider would be better but then again (the people sitting in from of you were big problem.....

Regards Zak

mrcoons Jan 22, 2006 7:28 AM

I knew I'd need to stand up for decent shots so I stood off to one side of the room as to not block anyone behind me but couldn't get any higher. (There were about 10 seats up off the floor and they went first! I am in the process of reconverting my shots from Raw as I really don't like the way I did it. (Using a different converter this time.) Here are the original shots I posted redone.

Next time I shoot in this building I'll know to bring a zoom lens!!

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