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Default In-laws

My wife's sister and her family.

This photo was taken on the side of a hill that leads down to a pond. The shoreline in the background is not level.

Does that mess up the shot?

I am choosing to leave the pond in the shot on the left side so the viewer can see a bit more of where the shot was taken.

Does that detract from the shot?

Any other comments are greatly appreciated.
F 5.6 1/160 iso 400 fill flash (-1), 95mm focal length 30 minutes before sundown.
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The filled flash worked well. This is a good looking family picture. Everyone is relaxed and smiling! A very pleasing picture indeed!

The levelness of the shoreline is distracting because of white color flowers lining it. Otherwise, it is not bad.
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The shoreline not being level isn't too bad, but it looks like everyone is leaning to their left. The only thing that really bothers me about the shot, though, is that the man in the back is positioned so the shoreline is directly in line with his eye and ear line, and the floral growth looks a bit like an aura.

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In my view the background doesn't work at all... (on an otherwise excellent picture)
It actually spoils the look not because of the shoreline, but the cut-off tree and the bottom of the house patio add unnecessary distractions.

The framing might work better if you've shot in portrait mode instead of landscape to include theses elements in the background, but I would rather move the camera viewpoint to the right (also up the slope looking downward) and only have the pond as my background (at least you'll have a full tree reflection on the water surface)

Also in Photoshop I would use a gradient tool to decrease the brightness effect of the flash in the bottom foreground a smidge
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I think the alignment issue of the background would be OK if you ensured that the image is vertically aligned. With so many angled lines, the only true reference would be the verticals. Right now the image looks like it could use a touch of counter clockwise rotation. Once done, you might also want to try a wider aperture and a longer zoom in order to blur the background.

Something else that would help the composition is to move everyone in closer...much closer. For a family picture, there appears to be a lot of "distance" between the family members.

I like that everyone is color coordinated. Very nice looking family!

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I hope that you approve that I had to try and see how it would look if I straightened it. Great looking family.
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The capture of the In-laws is great, nice lighting, good poses and big smiles. That added with the suggestions given above your next shoot will be through the roof.
Comments always welcome.
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