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Default Linking to copyrighted pics

Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question, apologies if its not.

I have a forums board with various topics and one of the forums I would like to have is a daily Pic of the day photo.
Would it be allowable for me to put a link to a photo on this site (not actually download it) to include in a Pic of the day topic?

I consider most of the photos on this site as excellent but don't want to breach any copyrights etc by putting a link to a photo on my board.


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I don't think that is illegal since this is a public forum and the internet is for everyone.

It probably would be nice though if you replied to a posted picture telling them that you are linking to it. I know I would certainly be very flattered if one of my photoes was a photo of the day somewhere...hehe, if, ofcourse, it was linked to in good heart.

That is my opinion. (not the law) hehe
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If you link to the picture, you will be at the mercy of the person to whom you are deep linking to. They could do any number of things not the least of which is replacing the linked picture with something ugly.

Deep linking to pictures steals bandwidth from the person you are "borrowing" the picture from. There are a lot of people who don't take kindly to that kind of bandwidth usage.

If you want to link, ask first.
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contact that person. use the pm button and ask for permission. i think we all appreciate the fact that you stepped up and asked.
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