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kostka Nov 15, 2004 7:06 PM

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Photo taken with Panasonic FZ10. Any suggestion for improvements appreciate

timothy015 Nov 15, 2004 9:45 PM

very nice, although it looks slightly blurry to me, the camera probally has a tough time focusing in low light, take it in a brighter room and that should fix it,

very beautiful

kostka Nov 16, 2004 10:51 AM

Hi Timothy,
Thank you for your suggestion. Original photo is sharp. I was experimenting to create
a glamour photo. That is the reason I make it soft using post processing.
Thank you again. Viktor

perdendosi Nov 17, 2004 4:48 PM

Looks good. I think I would work with lighting a little more -- use a diffuser or umbrella or put a shower curtain in front of a the flash to avoid the harsh shadow on the right.

Frank Doorhof Nov 22, 2004 1:20 AM

Nice model.
The glamour look takes a bit more than just a blur I'm afraid :D.

You can position your model farther from the background to solve the shadow problem, or use something in front of your flash, when using onboard flash use for example some toilet paper taped to your flash.

Softfocus is nice but it's something else than blur.
On softfocus there is also some difussion of the light.

See this example.

You can use filters for this in PS.


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