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Default Need help posting an image

I am trying to post an image for the first time and when I preview it shows as a link.

Can someone tell me how I make it show up in my post?


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Are you using the Img button, or the URL button? The Img button causes the picture to be displayed, and the URL button displays it as a link.
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I just learned this myself with a lot of help:

1. Download a copy of Irfanview (www.irfanview.com) free. Open your photos and re-size them to no more than 800x600 (smaller is preferred). Save the modified photo as a copy. (See more on this from fenlander in Chinese Gardens in the Lanscape photos section)

2. Go to pbase.com and open an account. Create a gallery and upload your re-sized photos to it. You can link your photos to this forum by highlighting the address bar while viewing your photo, right click copy, and paste into the text of your post. Then highlight exaclty what you just posted and hit the URL button above your text. That's it!

(ex: http://www.pbase.com/image/15893890)

3. To have your photo appear automatically, you need to use the Img button above your text box. YOU MUST BE A PAID SUBSCRIBER TO pbase.com. This only costs $23/year.

a. To do this, you must get to the actual file name of your photo. To do this you right click the photo while you are viewing it in pbase, go to Properties, highlight the file name, copy it to your text box like you did using the URL in #2 above. (Again see fenlander's post - it helped me!)

(ex: http://image.pbase.com/u27/dawgcatch...0.Overlook.jpg) Of course I did not hit the IMG button just showin' you the format you know..

b. Then you need to simplify the file name a bit to look like this:

(ex: http://www.pbase.com/image/15893890.jpg)

I hope I've helped

That's it! Have Fun! :lol:
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