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I did a 4 week internship with a woman starting an at-home business of online vintage couture (http://www.kitty-pants.com)and along with learning loads about starting your own business andmaking your own designs, I got to experiment with my fasion photography style. These photos were all taken casually without any equiptiment besides a Nikon D100.

Okay, so being forced to review these again to post them I notice that i have a head-cutting off/sometimes a little tight cropping issues. And lots of the movement goes to the right...

Please let me know what you think, and if you think these clothes would look cute on you or someone you know they just do happen to be for sale


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anyone??? i can handle critiques
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OK,I just putting in my view( Mind you I am not a trained person in photography,just a common man having a love for photogrpahy).I like your #2 & #3 imaege better, rather It has a more promising thing to do.Cat setting in front and model ,is a very interesting concept.Someday I am going to copy this idea,(Did you any chance patented it..?? LOL).# 3 too seems to be very innovative to me.Well i going to copy this concept too. Hope you wont mind
Alright I think in #2 image a bit more low level perception, may give it an extra punch.Like viewing the world through the cat eye,
#3 If she sleeps over some reflective surface ,and cutiing off thedistrcting elementi.e car
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Ok, these are just my opinions:

#1. I think you were too close. If the intent was to show off the dress, you should have captured the entire dress. Also, I think putting a strapless dress on a model with tanlines was not a good choice.

#2. An interesting shot, but she's slouching, which doesn't flatter the clothes.

#3. Also an interesting shot, but what are you trying to get me to buy?

#4. Again, I think you were too close. I can't see the whole dress.

#5. Nice. This shot shows a casual top in a casual setting.

#6. Ditto.

#7. The movement doesn't flatter the dress.

#8. A very nice shot, but the lighting and the pose don't flatter the dress.

#9. Another nice shot.A casual top in a casual setting.

#10. There aretoo many patterns and textures here. An otherwisenice dress becomes camouflage. If the dress were a solid instead of a print, it might have worked.

There's a lot of "Art" here, but I don't think there's a lot of "Sales" here. For the most part, the images are very nice. You've got a good eye for that. I think that sometimes you just forgot that the purpose of the image is to sell the product.

But perhaps your portfolio includes shots that I would consider more commercially valueable, and these were intended to show off your artistic side, in which case I ask that ignore my previouscomments, and I'll just say thatI especially like #2 and #8.

My $1/50.

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hey everybody, i was wandering if anyone could help me as im new to this site... would anyone be able to tell me how its possible to put my images on here like the girl below (discodudette) has....

it would be great for people to give me there opinons on what they think and any advice they have......

thank you for your help......

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you need to upload them to somewhere like this http://imageshack.us/

but before you do so resize them to something like 600 - 600 depending on the actual size of the original image just select keep aspect ratio within infranview which you can find here http://www.irfanview.com/

both are free!

hope this helps im sure a mod will move this to the appropiate section

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