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no picture to post here, but the topic does have to do with people pictures. So here goes, hopefully it doesn't get moved

I have two events coming up that could be a challenge for me. The first issue is they are both very light skinned and while outside, I am afraid they will wash out. So the question is, how do I prevent it....any tips (obviously watch the histogram??)

The second is to do with the fact that one of the events stars a gril who wears glasses. How do I reduce the reflection? My flash is off camera on a stroboframe.... do I only use a polorizing filter? all suggestions welcome.

and as always, thanks for your advice!

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I'll put my 2 cents worth. Take the pictures in a shady or partially sunny area. As for the glasses reflection during flash, here's 3 things you could try. 1. take off the glasses. 2. you already mentioned the flash is off the camera (most likely to the side) that should help eliminate the reflection. 3. don't use flash use available light with or without reflectors. Remember this is on 2 cents worth. I shoot animals and birds so, I'm not the best person for this advise.

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I'll add a couple of things to djb's good comments about how to avoid reflections from glasses.

4. Don't have her facing directly into the lens. Catch her as she is looking at you at an angle. An on-camera flash won't reflect back to the camera.

5. Some people have anti-reflective coatings applied to their glasses, for a number of different reasons.She might be one of them (as am I), so you may not have to worry about it.
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