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For the most part I like it. There are 3 things that don't look as good to me though (and I'll freely admit portrait work isn't my strong suite so take this with a grain of salt):

1. Highlights blown on the guitar

2. Not enough DOF - the hand is a bit OOF.

3. The pose of the guitar - just seems like an unnatural way to hold a guitar. Not that I can suggest a better pose but it doesn't look like a natural way to pose the guitar

Otherwise I like the framing, decent color and sharpness and good composition.
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This certainly is a nice portrait attempt. I'll have to agree with John that this is an awkward way to present the guitar. If the viewer was given some hint of a reason for it other than the subject just wanted to hold on to something I might could understand it. The highlights on it do not appear to be blown to me though...What detail is there I can see clearly. The strings are quite visible to me. It's a white, smooth surface with no texture and that is what I see.

There is way too much contrast between the subject's clothing and the guitar so the instrument will be the center of interest regardless of how you place it in the scene unless you are very skilled at controlling where your light hits.

Indeed the hands are slightly OOF, but that is okay since the center of interest should be the face. I'd prefer all body parts be sharp though.

If your goal is to render nice portraits then I'd suggest first working with just the subject and leave out other elements until you have mastered leading the viewer to your center of interest (COI). I've provided some tips in another thread which you can read here: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=597651&forum_id=90

Thanks for sharing

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thanks for the tips.

the reason for the composition is i was preparing for the shot (changing lens and moving some lights) and she was looking down the neck of it almost evaluating something and just thoght it was a little different than the typical shots i have seen.
if i remember correctly i was at f10, for the life of me no matter where i set my aperture there is always something oof, any tips for that greatly appreciated, ecap
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Thanks for sharing this, such a clear shot

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