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newbieX Sep 26, 2004 10:21 AM

After looking at all the photos that Kalypso and Frank have taken, I've been motivated quite a bit to take portrait shots. Since I don't know any models, I made my girlfriend be the subject :)

Here's what I got....any comments would be appreciated...







DaveN Sep 26, 2004 10:31 AM

FIRST TRY!!!?!?!?!???? Holy crap!!! Nicely done I think. I know I'm nooo expert, but I know what I like, and those shots are great in my opinion. The ONLY thing I think I could say that may be a criticism would be that they may be a hair overexposed. BUT, let me say too, that I think it can be argued that the exposure level also is setting a GREAT mood in those shots also.So I also can't say whether it's the exposure that's helping me like these shots soo well either. Good angles, expressions, etc.I think. Good job, and post more as you take some, cause I know I'd like to see them...


KENNETHD Sep 26, 2004 11:08 AM


Great to see another enthusiast venturing forth. I know the feeling, seeing the work

others post does get the creative juices flowing. My observation is that you have a great subject to start with. I'm not sure how many pics you started with, but i know that i am in a similair situation. I work with only one model, she shares my love of portrait photography, but from the other side of the camera. Typically we shoot dozens of shots when we do a shoot. I would recommend the same. Even a slight change in expression or lighting in the same pose can give way different results. You stand a better chance of capturing that with more exposures. I like the eyes and sun glasses combo the best! But wait til Frank sees them. For the few posts I've offered he has always passed on good comments and suggestions which I've been able to use. There areother very helpful members who have given me good advise too, and I'm not overlooking their comments, but Frank posts a lot of this kind of subject and in myopinion helps us Newbs a lot. Please post some more...


newbieX Sep 26, 2004 11:49 AM

Thanks guys. It's not really my first try but I'm definitely an amateur photographer. I actually took a lot of shots in little variances of angle....but just posted the ones I thought turned out pretty good. For some of the photos, I actually did expose it more on purpose. I'm a big fan of the soft/diffused photos than the crisp kind.

More comments/advise would be nice :)

RyanH Sep 26, 2004 12:59 PM

Nice shots. She is a beautiful model. I commend you on your first model post. These are a great start.

Kalypso and Frank have enspired me to try and do some model shoots and I hope to get there soom. Just trying to figure out the lighting. :-)

Frank Doorhof Sep 28, 2004 1:40 AM

wow, what a wonderful fresh model.

Ok, some comments on the pictures just to help, no criticism.

A bit overexposed indeed, the angle is refreshing.
The look is just marvelous.

GREAT shot, but a bit too much softening for my taste, I alway's like the eyes to be sharp, what you could try is to make 2 layers, one with the original and than the blurred on top, and use the eraser to get the eyes back, maybe with a different opacity setting. This is personal by the way but try it please.


Mixed emotions here, I LOVE this shot, but the reflections are a bit taking away from the eyes, try to solve that by moving your models head or placing something for her which take away the reflections, catchlights are alway's necessary but this is a bit too much (unrest).

Great shot, love the B&W, the smile, the look, everything.

Very nice angle, but doesn't work for me (personal), toning is very nice by the way.

For a first try, :|

Love to see more of her and your work.


newbieX Sep 28, 2004 7:35 AM

Thanks RyanH. And thank you Frank for breaking it down. I see your point on the eyes being sharp, I'll try out what you suggested.

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