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I suppose this has been asked several times before, but what is the procedure for posting on this site?

Randy O

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For posting photos? You have two options.

The first is to save the photo on your hard drive then upload it to here. The image cannot be any bigger than 102KB, which is plenty sometimes but at other times not. To do it, make sure you know where your photo is on your computer. Click on the new post or reply button. Below the box where you type is a smaller one, click on the button labelled "choose" and a box will pop up. Browse your computer within this box until you find your photo, click the photo then click on "open". Your file will start to upload. The photo will be stored on this website but it can only be viewed by the people registered to this forum. The photo will be displayed in the post automatically.

The second option is to hotlink, which is posting an image on a website when it is hosted at another. There are lots of free galleries and others can suggest more, but the one that I use is www.photobucket.com. It is free and is designed for people who want to post on forums. You can hotlink to anywhere and anyone can view a photo that you post. You can also set it so that people can browse all of your photos hosted there by visiting your gallery, the default is that they can't. Photobucket also has file limitations; they can't be any bigger than 250KB. If you try to upload a bigger file it will reduce its size. Their website will contain more information about their service and how it works.

To post a photo not hosted at these forums you need to use the img tags. The shortcut is to click on the white square with the three balls () above where you type after you have clicked post or reply. Two tags will appear ([.img.] and [./img.] without the .'s), you then put the url for the image you want between these. If you do not know the url for the image, load it and then right click on it and go to properties. The long way around is to type the img tags yourself. I say it's the long way to do it but I find it a lot faster to type them myself rather than click the button. If you decide to set up an account at photobucket you will see below your photos three small boxes with text in them. The top is the image address, the second is html for use on websites and the third contains the url with the img tags already there. Just copy and paste that into your post and it will work.

I hope you were asking how to post photos. :lol:
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Hi Randy O,

If you create a message, then look on upper row of symbols.

The fourth one from right (three small circles) is to insert an image (actually the URL where it is located) into your post.

Alternatively, you can click Browse at bottom of your post and browse to your file and attach it directly. It must be less than 102 k.

Example below is a direct attachment of the symbol discussed above.

Attached Images
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