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Default Roller Derby

An exciting bout between the Holy Rollers and Rhinestone Cowgirls of the TXRD. Exciting match, and exciting to shoot on my little E-PL1. Horrid lighting so mostly shot on ISO 2000 or above. Then batch PP with the gimp and noiseware.
because of the low light, it was almost impossible to get fast enough shutter speeds, but I think I captured a bit of the bout. Happy to hear thoughts.

No. 1
Name:  K1040197edit_filteredSM.jpg
Views: 324
Size:  108.3 KB

Name:  K1040203edit_filteredSM.jpg
Views: 303
Size:  133.0 KB

Name:  K1040211edit_filteredSM.jpg
Views: 270
Size:  75.7 KB

Name:  K1040242edit_filteredSM.jpg
Views: 261
Size:  71.2 KB

Name:  K1040264edit_filteredSM.jpg
Views: 314
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Also curious about my noise reduction. Too much? Better settings?

No. 1 original (100%)
Name:  K1040197edit100.jpg
Views: 240
Size:  189.1 KB

No. 1 filtered (100%)
Name:  K1040197edit_filtered100.jpg
Views: 230
Size:  126.1 KB

No. 2 original (100%)
Name:  K1040203edit100.jpg
Views: 235
Size:  150.1 KB

No. 2 filtered (100%)
Name:  K1040203edit_filtered100.jpg
Views: 233
Size:  156.4 KB
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Old Jul 26, 2010, 7:07 AM   #3
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Since you asked for input - I'd say these didn't turn out too well. It's a tough situation - low light action. But the problems go beyond motion blur. The EXIF is gone so I can't tell if you've cropped these shots or not but there's a severe lack of detail. That could also be due to noise reduction - in which case I would suggest not trying to use such a high ISO as the camera doesn't appear to be up to the challenge. Still, that's not the forte of the camera so it's not a big surprise - it's one of the toughest things for a camera to do.
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Thanks for the very frank comments. I appreciate that there are parts of the images (especially in the 100% crops) where there's loss of detail, but I thought the top photos were actually not that bad.

I am by no means a pro, and the PEN (with a medium-speed zoom lens) is certainly not great camera for indoor, low light, sports shooting, but I thought that, considering the whole arena was lit with tiny flourescent lights probably 40 feet from the ring, my captures were at least passable snapshots. Is there anything I can do next time to try to improve? Should I just scrap the idea of using my 40-150 mm zoom (which, with a 2x crop factor, becomes 80-300)? Turn in-camera OIS on higher? Go for higher shutter speed, with impossibly dark images, and then use post-processing to raise the levels?

The top photos are not cropped at all... just resized for the forum. Basic sharpening and auto levels added (in batch), and then sharpened using basically auto settings in Noiseware.

The photos in the second are 100% crops, just to show before and after noise. ShotYes, those pictures themselves aren't too great, but I wouldn't imagine many cameras would do much better.

Sorry that the EXIF data aren't there. I don't know why it was stripped. I'll post later. But these two pics were shot either at ISO 2000 or ISO 3200. Maybe I should just say ISO 1600 is the max that this camera can do, and never go above (although the PEN is known for its great low-light, high-ISO processing):
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