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hackphotographer Sep 13, 2004 4:10 AM

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I was kinda trying to achieve a horror-type feeling (I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre yesterday)... Anyway, anyfeedback would be appreciated!

aladyforty Sep 13, 2004 7:11 AM

It kinda reminds me of the expression used by a rock star on stage, the kind of guy who used to smash guitars :-)It is a good shot.

photosbyvito Sep 13, 2004 8:04 AM

hmm...this one doesn't make me think horror, as much as, like alady said,a rock star...

may i ask wat you did to get this effect? i like it alot...was this all in camera? or PS too?

great shot :)


Frank Doorhof Sep 14, 2004 1:45 AM

Very nice, but I would have loved to see the whole mouth.
Love the effect but's it's not real horror indeed.


hackphotographer Sep 14, 2004 2:45 AM

Yeah I kinda thought I'd failed on the horror thought but it's still what inspired me... Now that aladyforty mentions it, that is actually what Luke (the fella in the photo) looks like when he's singing (he's a budding singer/screamer - good singer actually but the screaming can get annoying!). Dont remember how I did it sorry - just playing around. Thanks for your comments everybody!

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