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flasha Jun 13, 2016 7:47 AM

Showing The Way
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Hi All,

I havent posted for a long time here but have decided to get involved again.

This pic was taken in Perth, Western Australia one saturday afternoon.
Not something we see too often so for me it was interesting.

Walter C Jun 13, 2016 9:55 AM

Good example of B&W street photography. I take it the wind wasn't blowing.

flasha Jun 14, 2016 4:48 AM

Thankyou Walter C and no wind was not blowing that day as was sunny and fine.

Ozzie_Traveller Jun 22, 2016 5:00 PM

G'day mate

Ok gawd .... we have 'em over the east coast as well
Damn nuisances as they also door knock to seek 'converts'

image-wise - yeah, the B&W treatment probably does make it more viewable


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