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Default Skateboarder gets lesson on Erhu (Chinese violin) in Central Park

#1) Chinese man plays erhu (Chinese violin) in Central Park.

#2) Skateboarder stops and asks if he can play.

#3) Chinese man obliges and shows Skateboarder how.

#4) Skateboarder plays awful music while Chinese man stands back and listens. (At least Skateboarder manages to make loud screeching sounds, something I might not be able to for fear of snapping the chord.)

#5) Skateboarder has had enough. Chinese man laughs.

Thank you for looking. C&C welcome.

(Um, no, this is not a new type of comic-strip photography I'm into. I just happened to have my tripod set up when the mini-drama unfolded.)
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Ha! Great story and pictures. Now I want to see the Chinese man on the skate board
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A great possible story, though the picks are way over processed to my personal taste and the story is not well told.
Skate vs. erhu. It's like saying: the stupid cinematic present against the sage, artistic wisdom of the old times. What are we loosing?
Erhu, a marvelous melancholic instrument, and a Chinese brand in itself, is not really an original Chinese instrument (not Han, check wiki article).
The sound of the Erhu is to die for. It's like a sweet poison that pours slowly into your heart and that you will never forget.


You will for sure forget the skater.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Max Ehrmann.
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Thanks, Green Eyed Stranger. You know I thought about the same thing while writing the captions. Who knows maybe the conversation took place because they were both laughing when they parted, and the Chinese man declined -- wisely, I'd say, as he's too old to be breaking bones.

Ordo, it wasn't a story. It was captions that, I suppose you're right, appeared to tell a story. (I'd say your version of the story, however, present versus old, isn't bad. No such thing occurred in my head I guess having lived in the "melting pot" for so long.) Rather, I was amazed at the skateboarder's panache and equally amazed at the Chinese man's game spontaneity. (Maybe he's done this several times before for the curious crowd? I've seen him there before.) It was a happy fun moment that I wish I'd see more of between strangers. It honestly made me want to travel to a distant tourist attraction just to hit the postcards stand and send a postcard to everyone I know...

#6) Comforting words.
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