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nice shots, and tattoo
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Detectorist wrote:
Regarding picture 3-4. Portraits don't have to be ultra sharp. As a matter of fact, the sharper the portrait the more touch up is required.
-I dissagree on the fact that sharper the portrait the more touch up is required, Why? Only if wanted for some special reason you may leave or make a soft image and in other case a sharp image doesn't mean complete ultra sharp image. I meant that the eyes are neccessary to be sharpenough if there is no special need of soft look. Therefore, for the same reason when you make the photo sharp with PROPER exposure it is not in any case that you will have to do lot of PSD. That is olso depending how much you want skin to be smooth and "plastic looking".... for the regular photo you could even leave without any PSD work...

TSWEN: well you never wrote that you were using another lens also. I have the same camera and the same kit lens with mentioned problems of photos beeing soft specially with small f stops.... cheap lens could make that effect although I've never used that lens you used for 3 and 4......

Anyhow to back on the subject ........ with glad will look new photos when you make them... but do it as often as possible..... untill you make itthe bestyou need a lot of practice...

Rgds Zak

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Nice stuff! #1 and 10 are my favs. :-)
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10, 5, 4 and 1 are great shots.

I am impressed with your work. I also checked out your website - listed on your profile... Did you use the expodisc for the portraits on your website?

Keep up the great work!
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Yes all of the portraits on my website were taken using the expodisc for white balance. Even though they were all taken in RAW, this cut down my work time by a couple minutes per picture, because i didn't have to adjust the white balance by hand in photoshop.

The expodisc i purchased was a 72 filter size. and cost $110 USD, but the amount of work it cuts down it is really worth it.
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