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I will be shooting pictures of graduation on the football field with my Canon 20D and Sunpak 383 flash. I have been having a hard time trying to use the flash as fill flash without blowing the picture out. It has been so disappointing that I have been leaving my flash at home. This is a big event and I don't want to miss it. Can anyone give me some help on how to set up my camera and flash? Should I leave the flash at home before I chunk it in the lake? I have just a small amount of time to work the bugs out before the event if anyone has anything for me to try.

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I'm no expert. Just self taught using the trial and error method. lol And I read a lot of the forums (mostly Kodak and PSP) for ideas and help.

First, there is no info sent back and forth between the flash and the camera other than the camera telling it to flash. I assume you have the intructions for the 383 sunpak.

The auto modes for this flash on let the flash adjust itself for the amount of light at a distance. The auto sensor on the front of the flash does this as it flashes.

The 3 auto modes are for use at 3 different distance ranges.

As you shift the auto/manual selector switch to either the green, yellow or red 'A' you will see on the F-stop scale the recomended F-stop setting for this auto mode.

The next scale down shows you the distance that the selected auto mode.

The ISO selector should be set at the speed you will be using. Changing this will change the F-stop setting recommended.

I have used mine with the camera in 'auto' mode and had good results. But I am usually in the "A" or "M" mode on the camera so that I can set the F-stop and/or the shutter speed to get the best results. Don't let taking the camera out of 'auto' scare you. It's not that hard to get used to. Go to Easyshare forum and read the 'tricks and tips' section. It'll may help yousome. Here's a link:


These tips aren't as good as they used to be but some may help. I guess the shift to a new server lost some of the really good tips.

Before I get down to taking the real pics I take a few practice shots to get my setting correct. I'm glad it's digital and I'm not waisting film. lol

Then I just go and shoot. Realize that changing rooms or positons can afect you pic. A review check in the camera helps. I used to have problems in rooms with lots of windows where bright sunlight comes through. The flash has solved these problems for me. I don't get the washed out backgrounds and under-exposed subjects with the flash. At times I'll take the same pic on different settings so I can decide later which I like.

You can also set the flash to a lower percentage of flash from 1/16 to full flash.

A little practice with the flash and you'll be an expert before you know it.

I also use Paint Shop Pro X to edit my pics on my PC. Usually there isn't too much edit needed.

I hope this helps.

Good luck

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