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Now you got something nice to sleep with. Man, when I got my new airless paint sprayer, my wife had to sleep on the sofa, but only for a couple days. Now the paint sprayer is in the garage and she's not on the sofa anymore.

Thumbs up bud
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Yes, but I will sell them all to have a wife (if she was the right one!!)
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Hi Mark,

Cool series, it looks like you and the youth from your church had lots of fun with this shot! It's quite apparent you had some "pro lighting" to help you there, rather than just "random lighting from a window"!

I'll similarly be honest and say some points:

1. Could you please make the photos a bit larger... my 33 year old eyes aren't that bad (I hope, though I have had glasses for about 29 years!) - but I do find it hard to appreciate the photos at this size. And most of your photos really DESERVE to be displayed large! You really make many great photos... pretty please!

2. Colours do seem a bit overexposed or maybe even slightly too high in contrast for "people shots". e.g. the arms of the girl with the blue top on in photo 2, are pretty much "burned out" to white. As you said, maybe laptop / monitor issues... I know from experience not to post process using a laptop screen unless it's a really good laptop screen. I have taken tens of thousands of camp photos over the last 10 years, and now only process on a desktop PC.

3. Love the variety and vibrant colours of the teenagers' tops, etc- and how these really add "variety" and "bounce" to the shots! Esp in photo 1.

4. Yeah I'd have to agree, try to clone out some of that acne in photo 5, but it's a sweet photo and cool "couple pose" otherwise!

5. in photos 6 and 7 I feel the limbs are cropped off quite awkwardly.

6. Photo 3 is my favourite. The hair, jump pose and composition all blend really well IMHO!! well done.

Thanks for sharing, Mark.


PS... If you ever need to sell all to get a wife, be sure I'll loan you my camera gear for any wedding shots, etc!! :-)
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They do have a professional look, Mark. Besides, you'veconveyed the energetic spirit shared therequite well I especially liked #1 & #6 !
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