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Sorry guys, just stumbled across this post & felt compelled to reply. Bynx, I liked your reply about "prime" being recorded in history, especially after viewing some of the pictures being posted on the web with the loss of one of my favorite actors, Paul Newman, aka "Butch Cassidy". Somehow, as a 40 year old & feeling "less than prime", I'm somewhat jealous of actors, athletes, etc who have their lives recorded for them on a daily basis & when they reach their "non-prime" years, they will have ample resources to look back on their success. I know that I may sound a bit bitter but I'm not...I still have the memories & that is something that noone can take away!

On a much lighter note, I must say as a fan of the old west, that the actor portraying Doc Holiday looks to be in much better health than the real Doc! At least, he does have some color to him! As I have always understood, Doc was in the later stages of TB & it was quite a feat that he even was able to participate in the actual gunfight. Of all of the historical events, the Gunfight at OK Corral is always in my top 5 of wishing I could have witnessed, especially with modern camera technology!!

As far as Hollywood goes, Costner's was supposed to be very historically based movie BUT I have to agree with MadMike....Kurt Russell's "Tombstone" was my favorite!! When Doc (Val Kilmer) is getting ready to fight Johnny Ringo & says "I'm your huckleberry!" is one of my favorite scenes...ever!

Great series, AC!!! thanks for sharing!
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Nice work!

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Default Hugh O'Brian

I met Hugh O'Brian a couple of years ago and was surprised how well he looked. I know a lot of folks in their 70s and 80s and obviously none looks the same as they did in their 30s. However, O'Brian still conveys the commanding presence that he did in the 50s when he played Wyatt Earp on television. I would like to be as fit looking in my 80s!
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I was a bit surprise to see that this post was still generating comments. Your are right about O'Brian still having a commanding presence. He used a cane when walking into the show site but his gate was steady, his voice was strong, his comments focused and, as my wife pointed out, he still has the "eyes" of a Hollywood leading man.

A. C.
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