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Wayne -- I looked at all your photos, but I went back to "Zoe after hard play" several times. My favorite. (Bet she's one of yours too.)

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Digcamfan, et al

A meeting of the minds and cameras in Hawaii. That would be a blast. It's a thought worth keeping in mind.

As for myself:

Been in Hawaii for close to 30 years. They call us Mlalihini (long time resident/visitor) VS Kamaaina (born and bred here). Got here interestingly by marrying a local girl. This year I'll be 58. We have two wonderful children, one of whom just had a baby girl. This pic was taken by my son-in-law.

Originally from another island in another ocean - Jamaica.

Work for the Hawaii Department of Education for close to 25 years in the area of student testing.
Took up photography in High school and kept it almost dormant for 30 years. Discovered digital photography a few years ago and the rest they say is history. Learned an enormous amount from this forum, trial and error and sheer luck.

And yes, this forum is a great place to hang out.
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Hi all!
Well, I haven't been around here much lately. I've had a lot of things going on lately so hopefully things will calm down in a little while. Besides my avatar, I don't really have any other pictures of myself. Seems I'm the only one who likes to pick up a camera in our family :lol:

I'm 40 years old and have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children and a wonderful golden retriever named Tucker. Before the kids, I worked as an insurance adjuster and before that an accountant.

I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (just outside of Toronto) and enjoy computers, photography, and music. I love to sit down at the piano and compose my own songs.

I really enjoy coming to this forum and viewing all the wonderful pics posted from all over the world. I haven't really done a lot of travelling and would really like to go to Europe. It's too bad that I'm such a chicken when it comes to getting on a plane
The last vacation we took was a couple a years ago when we drove down to Disneyworld in Orlando. The last time I was on a plane was 12 years ago when I went to Hawaii (Maui and Oahu) on my honeymoon. I would love to go back to Hawaii again since I think it's probably one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Selvin, can you tell I'm jealous
O.K. I dug up this shot of me and my husband in Hawaii on our Honeymoon.
I can't believe how well rested I look. I'm definitely going to have to get back there

Anyway, it's really nice to see where everyone else is from and get to know people from so many different places.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your wonderful pics

Keep them coming
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I am a soundengineer that has travelled much around.

I am currently engaged at a TV station, filming and doing sound to news segments.
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wow... A lot of country's you've lived in soundengineer!!
Holland must be the best ..
Just kidding
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Ok, I guess it's my turn. I'm 38 years old, married, and have 3 children (2 girls aged 15 & 11 and a son age 7) and one newborn granddaugter. We live just outside Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (USA).

We enjoy travel and have been all over the USA, including Hawaii (Selvin is SO lucky to live in such a wonderful state!). I also travel for work and have been to Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and England. We enjoy reading (almost anything!), music (classical), church activities, hunting, fishing, antiques, history and movies ("Star Wars" is still the best movie ever made).

I work for a major international bank and am responsible for Remote Access Service. I used to be a "workaholic" but that changed when I was diagnosed with an incurable and aggressive form of blood cancer in 2001 (long story, but I don't have it - thank God, litteraly). The experence changed my outlook on life, so now I am very much a family man and work is something I do to pay the bills. My wife says it was the best thing that ever happened to us.

I have been playing with photography for 15 years, and have been "digital" for the last 6 or so (started with a Casio 770, then a Kodak 320, then an Olympus C-2020Z, and now an Olympus C-3000Z). We are considering a digital SLR, likely to be the Canon 10D, Canon 300D, or Pentex *ist D.

This picture is a little old (3 years). It was taken in Balitmore, MD.

This was a great idea Melanie!

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I don't post here much...but what the Hell...

My name is David. I'm 25 (will be 26 next month) involved with a woman and am a Network Engineer by night (work the night shift...ugh). I live in Atlanta and spend most of my time playing in softball and volleyball leagues, hanging out with my girlfriend, and of course taking pictures. I'm trying to decide what I would like to buy for my next camera...but having a hard time. That and I have to come up with the money to buy it.

Here is a picture of me fooling around at my sister's house with my 2nd digital camera, the Olympus C-4000.

Here's another picture of me (I like reflection pictures), my reflection in my brother in-law's BMW (the hood) after we put a fresh coat of wax on it (it's black):

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Oh, what to say? My real name is in fact Eric (shocked, I know) and I live outside Boston Ma with my girlfriend/partner of 7 great years. Iím 32 and have only been seriously into photography for about 5 months. My partner and I both like to hike and bird watch. I try to get out at least once on the weekends and when the season permits I get out during the week. Unfortunately, our new house (well.. owned it a year) takes a fair amount of time so I donít get out as much as Iíd like.

We also love to go to live music. Mostly Folk and blues. Iím learning to play guitar, but Tendonitis & Carpal Tunnel has put a stop to that at the moment. So instead we go to concerts once or twice a month. Live music is the only way to go.

Beyond thatÖ I have coached soccer for 8, 10 , & 14 year old boys (at different times) and 10 year old girls. Work has kept me from doing thatÖ something Iím unhappy about. I played soccer 6 days a week from when I was 6 years old up to about 16. I played in college as well, but not on the club teamÖ class work came first.

I am very envious of all the traveling this group has done. I have a birth defect in my skull that makes air travel sickening. Iíve done it a few times, usually with rather unpleasant results. The best was when I was an early teen and went to England to visit relatives. Dragged my parents to every castle and cathedral I could find.

By trade Iím a ďSenior Software EngineerĒ. Currently I design and enhance a parallel processing engine that large companies use to process 100ís of gigbytes of dataÖ a night. Being a long time geek itís fun to play with 100 processor systems. Unfortunately, being an engineer by training Iím rather critical in my own photography (and to others, if they ask.) I need to loosen up a bit and be more creative. But itís a hard habit to break.

I would put up a picture of myselfÖ but I donít have one. I just tried recently to do something rather creative for an avatar, but it didnít work out (reflection of me in vernal pool.) Iíll get something, I just donít know what yet.

Iíd also like to say that this is a very welcoming and nice bunch of people. As a person with dyslexia in every form imaginable, Iíve been to forums where the types of mistakes I make are pounced on. No one here seems to care or bat an eye. They just talk about what they enjoyÖ photography. I thank you all.

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I am 51 (divorced) and live in Birmingham Alabama (USA) with my 2 dogs. I purchased my first camera (Canon AE1) when my daughter was born. She is now 22. I went digital about 6 years ago. I would never go back to 35mm.

I am self-employed. (Consumer Electronic Service) My hobbies include computers and I am a weather nut. I enjoy storms and snow! We donít get much snow in Alabama.

I have a humor newsletter I send out daily. I have over 800 members. http://www.ourlighterside.com

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Originally Posted by Soundengineer

My interests are....hehe....photography.. and a bunch of other stuff..... which I am sure is not interesting to you guys....
Just tell us the juicy parts.
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