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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
Yes, #1 is a little soft.

And with the subjects being a dark chestnut horse and a woman wearing a navy top, her skintone was likely to get blown. I was aware of that and tried to keep the lighting indirect as much as possible, but it was hard to get the horse to cooperate. (After all, his mind was on the nice juicy grass where we were standing.)

I hadn't thought about using a CPL, and I had one with me! Next time. Thanks.
Pleasure! The harsh lighting of the Aegean taught me, especially at open air parties, to use the spot metering and meter at the subject's face, for the fill flash, at such scenarios. It is much easier to recover the underexposed areas (in case they appear), through pp. With the center weighted average as JimC stated, such blown areas on the face and body areas were quite likely. Btw, #2 is the best one in terms of exposure, imo.
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
Thanks very much.

Actually, except for cropping and resizing (for posting here) they're all straight from the camera. #2 & #3 are with the same lens at the same aperture.
Interesting, but very nice shots none the less.
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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
Try it and see. ;-) You could stop down the aperture a bit more if needed to reduce shutter speeds in order to use a built in flash for fill, too.
this is what i was going to say, as you know when the sun is harsh an excellent way to get a very close correct exposure is to focus on the grass the camera reads it very close to 18% gray, deciede what aperture you want focus on the grass and set your shutter to make the correct exposure, then set your strobe half power and it works great, it lights them just enough to make a nice shot! i don't know how far you were from the subjects i use a vivitar 285 strobe so i can manually adjust how far the flash shoots, so it works close up and with my 70-200. i shoot alot of sports at work not action but individual and team so i deal with the sun quite a bit.

your shots are excellent in the fact that you caught their personalities!
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