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snakeman Nov 5, 2003 4:05 AM

Crazy little boy.....didnt wanna wear any clothes :-)
hey there evrybody.
i took these pics over the weekend, at a braai(barbeque) that we had with some friends.
one of their kids refused to wear any clothes after he came out of the pool.

i think that its cute but some say that these kind of pics r regarded as illegal.

whats your views on this please.
if they r not allowed then i will remove this post immediately.

comments on pic and rules of posting please!!!

thanks a million.
cheers for now.

brtsergio Nov 5, 2003 7:06 AM

I've a five years old boy and I'm rather accustomed to see that small subject :wink:
So, no problem for me even if I must tell you that I really do not know about the legal aspects.

As far as the shot is concerned :
Nice expressions in the shot : genuine ones.

What a pity for the cropped foot though !
Still, I will try a level correction: the shot looks like being too much bright.

snakeman Nov 5, 2003 7:40 AM

hey there brtsergio.
thanks for the reply.

the foot isnt cropped out, its the way i managed to get the shot.
had to rush with the shot before the little energetic one jumped out of his dad's hands.

i didnt use the flash on this pic so not asure why it looks overly bright, although it was quite a sunny day here in South Africa over the weekend when i took this pic.

thanks a for the reply though.

chat again soon.

selvin Nov 5, 2003 9:19 AM


I'm with Sergio on this, nice job. I think the paranoia re exposure of kids etc.. has gone a bit too far.

snakeman Nov 6, 2003 1:41 AM

cool thanks selvin.

so now i can rest a bit ha ha.
took this one of the little kid as well.
he was just too adorable so i was snapping pics of him like crazy.

thanks for the replies though.

cheers for now.

aladyforty Jan 20, 2004 6:25 PM

This will be a great photo to pull out when he is about 15 :) I have some great ones of my 15 year old that he wishes were never taken.

ImKayd1 Jan 21, 2004 12:02 AM

Before I got to aladyforty's post I was thinking the same thing...15 or 16 years down the road and this is black mail material ie: behave or I'll show this to your


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