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Utterly correct, Klaus. We can all get a bit touchy when someone reacts negatively to a photo we've taken or, God forbid, fails to react at all. (I've got two of these posted right now. ) Criticism is especially tough in the arts because they're at least a small part of our souls, and when something we've created isn't received as we'd like, it feels as if we're being personally attacked. I, for one, have spent huge amounts of time grumbling to myself about how I'm obviously the only person in the whole world with good taste and insight. :lol:
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I agree with you in most, but I was trying to give a sincere opinion. I still don't understand the photo. But then again I don't have to - do I. If others like the photo - that must be it. There's photos for each taste, right.
When I give a critique - it will mostly be a real critique with MY OPINION. If somebody criticize my shots - I honestly will expect the same honesty from him/she and I will think about it, because the person COULD be right, couldn't he ? I have decided not to feel personally harmed, but instead use it constructively.

Well, this is my style of giving critique. Most like it, some not.
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just remember you cannot satisfy everyone. keep on shooting and never mind the crowd.
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