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Let me post an addendum to my flip answer to Ordo on what the eye actually see's.

The Human eye, while it's range exceeds even that of a film camera, only exceeds it by a few "stops." We see shadows by our eye adjusting its range, and we see highlights by this same shift. While the process is "transparent," we do NOT see both shadows and highlights at the same time. As we shift out view, our eyes makes the shift. Walk into a dark room from a bright sunny day, or walk into a bright sunny day from a dark room, and the adjustment time is much greater and longer.

So, in my opinion (for what it's worth) people shouldn't get carried away and use HDR in scenes in which the target is already lit up for the range of the camera, merely to get a half stop of visibility, here and there through the image.

As has been often pointed out, many who shoot with HDR in mind produce garish unrealitic images.

So my critique of two of these four shots is that they are not even close to what the eye see's, and as a result create a jarring effect in the viewer. WTF is my reaction.

I do not believe you intended to create Digital Art here, but rather was using this option to create a more realistic view. It doesn't work.

Far to many people are under the impression that the eyes range far exceeds what can be captured in a camera and such is not the case. We DO have a greater range, but the reason we have the ability to see highlights And shadow is because the eye adjusts it's range.

I realise that I'm only repeating what most people already know, but they often enough don't use this knowledge when they plan their HDR shots.

BTW - I intend to purchase Photomatrix Pro, and create my own HDR images. But I will be far more circumspect in the way I use it.

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Good set of street vendors, nice feel to them all.
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Originally Posted by Calicajun View Post
Good set of street vendors, nice feel to them all.
Thanks a lot!
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